Why Choose Made-to-Measure Over Ready-to-Wear Outfits

Why Choose Made-to-Measure Over Ready-to-Wear Outfits?

A perfect attire can make a lot of difference in appearance, attitude, and confidence. It leaves a mark on the onlookers. Make your own style statement by choosing custom made formal clothing.

What is a Made-to-Measure Outfit?

Made-to-measure outfits are attires that are tailor-made for a particular buyer. After selection of fabric, it is sent for making of an outfit. Proper body measurements are taken to ensure the perfect fit. Then the suit or shirt is cut and stitched roughly and a trial is given to the buyer to ensure proper fit. After confirmation of the fittings and comfort, the suit is stitched finally. It is indeed a time-taking process and takes around a week to finish a suit.

What is a Ready-to-Wear Outfit?

It is a common term for us. Many a time we buy ready-made formal attire at branded outlets. Ready-to-wear attires are made in general, with a guideline of a standard size. It is available in different size, color, texture, and material. Mostly, the price of such outfits is comparatively low than the custom made outfits.

Why Choose Made-to-Measure Over Ready-to-Wear?


Bespoke suits are pricy than that of a ready to wear one. The reasons are obvious, made-to-measure suits are made particularly for a definite customer and it doesn’t have mass production, a tailor has to work upon each suit individually. Whereas, a ready-to-wear suit is produced in bulk according to a standard size which is much cost effective.

The Perfect Fit

This is the most important aspect that should be taken into consideration while buying clothes. A bespoke shirt or suit is tailor-made, to fit a particular customer. Each and every length is measured to ensure a perfect fit. Whereas, considerate adjustments are expected with a ready-to-wear outfit because of its standard production. There can be issues with the length of the shirt, sleeves etc., which may give a near to appropriate fitting.

Look and feel

With the above two points, it’s obvious that the look and feel of a bespoke outfit would be impressive. A customer invests his time and money to get that perfect look and feel. It makes a long-lasting impression and the ability to be recognized among many. On the other hand, a ready-to-wear outfit is expected to give an average look and feel to the customer.


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