What is State Violence

What is State Violence and How to Stop it?

A state of violence and conflict within one nation cost lives and has an economic impact as well. The Global Peace Index sheds light on the current situation and states that the economic influence of violence on the global economy exceeds $14 trillion.

In the world, we are struggling for individuality, free-will, and equal opportunity which is also expressed in a variety of religious and political movements. Numerous movements are examining the violent threat to its stability and security, with some outspoken criticism.

The protection of equal opportunity and freedom of expression by states has a wide dimension. There are some important actions states can carry out to improve the current situation.

All over the world, a number of states support human rights and raise their opinions whenever human rights are outraged. States are actively involved in the advancement of human rights standards, institutions, and supervisory mechanisms. They are the first to bring breaches to the attention of international mediums and, in addition, have the capability to arouse positive signs of progress concerning amenability with human rights standards. They expect to be a paragon of democracy, and there is much to be respected about thinking.

But it would be no less than foolishness as a society to not keep in mind the dark sides of the culture. Unfortunately, we do not seem to be as virtuous about or able to look ourselves in the mirror and making out our mistakes and mend our ways. However, we can benefit from bringing to mind the past worst situation which is usually considered an experiment– taking it as something we should constantly strive to refine and improve. We, surely, can be in trouble if we cannot take a healthy look at our inadequacies as a society and endeavor to put them right.

Considering the past situations, there are some important solutions — situational or relative, some things may or may not work under some situations or for some people. However, there is a need to give a look at these solutions.


As Aleksandr I. Solzhenitsyn says, “Intolerance is the first sign of inadequate education. An ill-educated person behaves with arrogant impatience, whereas truly profound education breeds humility.” We as human beings should be more easygoing towards some ups and downs happening around the world. Yes, indeed, there are times when it’s just not right to be accepting and not take immediate action, but that is certainly not the case every time.

Respect and Rights

The basic rights and respect can solve the differences people have at times. People are stuck with the whole idea of ‘what is right’ and ‘what is wrong,’ but no one accepts the fact that things don’t have to be right or wrong, they can be different. There should be equal rights of expression and one must respect other opinions.

These rights are based on self-esteem, fairness, equal opportunity, respect, and individuality. They are defined and protected by law and can solve many problems we are facing today.

Legal System

The importance of legal laws is impossible to refute. They act as a line by which one and all are guided to what is accepted in the social order. Without such laws, there would be a fight, battle, and war between societies and corporations. It is pivotal that we respect and follow them. The law allows easy adoption of changes that occur in the community. Laws are needed to be redefined and transformed, and in order to reduce or keep such issues to a minimum, there has to be a fair legal system for one and all.


Are we unified? Do we cooperate with each other towards our common good? Are the governments of our country ever come together and declared in one voice and temperament? Unfortunately, there are no positive answers to these questions, ‘It’s time to put a stop to fight and hate and truly act as a team with one aim, to achieve the good of all people throughout the world.’

The light of unity is so influential that it can illuminate the whole planet. Unity is a strength, and it would be pleasant for us to dwell and evolve together in a society. There should be a world where people support people. This will surely create a powerful impact when people dealing with similar issues come together and bring the best together. Hand in hand, we can raise our voices and can get a chance to be treated equally.

Bringing To an End

As luck would have it, we still have an opportunity to reverse ageism and create a legacy for our generation if most of us get the most of what we have the best in ourselves and become frontrunners in our communities. As mature citizens, we are responsible for spending enough energy on promoting ourselves and on solving our community problems. This way we can contribute a lot to our society and can make a tremendous difference to our society chasing that one common good.


Jennifer Nelson is a seasoned reporter and entrepreneurial writer. She covers breaking news and enjoys writing about current events.

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