What Children Should Know About Good Touch And Bad Touch

What Children Should Know About Good Touch and Bad Touch

What darling kids are to their parents, Right? No Mom or Dad would accept tiny harm to their angels. Unfortunately, our society has pedophiles around us. Who may not look or touch your kids with the pure love you offer. But with lust, even at your small baby.

According to research :

  • 5 Children die every day due to child abuse.
  • 1 out of 3 girls and 1 out of 5 boys will be sexually abused before they reach age 18.
  • 90% of child sexual abuse victims know the perpetrator in some way, 68% are abused by a family member.


Therefore, let’s find out what it is and how we can help our kids to differentiate between good touch and bad touch. Do you think it’s early? No, this is the right time to educate them on this evil topic. Common, let’s start…

What is Good touch and Bad touch?

Good Touch

A touch that makes a child feel safe, loved, and happy is called a Good touch. As when a daddy kissing his child, a teacher patting on the back, a doctor examining a child’s body. All these types of touches would make a child feel secure.

Bad Touch

A touch that makes a child feel insecure and afraid. As when someone kicks them, pinches them, these make a child hurt. But over it, some touches relate to private parts. Which is unacceptable for a child. But due to a lack of knowledge and awareness, the child does not react sensibly or report.

The main cause of this is that the abuser is from the family or close friends and relatives.

How can you teach your children about Good Touch and Bad Touch?

The following are the ways to train your kids about this topic.

  • Make them aware of every part of the body – Teach them the use of each body part and make sure they are aware of private parts. Tell them about breasts, penis, vagina, and hips. Make them clear that no one has the right to touch their private parts. Only parents can touch them when needed.
  • Teach them to say ’NO’ – Explain to your kids that they have the right to say NO if somebody is forcibly touching, kissing, or hugging them.
  • Teach them not to hide anything from parents – In a friendly manner, tell your kids that whenever they feel insecure or threatened with someone, they should immediately inform you about the matter. And not to fear or feel ashamed of and feel guilty and keep their mouth shut. Tell them how much you love them. You will combat every harm that comes to them.
  • Teach them through Media – There are many contents available on the internet in the form of images and videos. Which will help make them understand easily? Spend time with your kids explaining to them this vital topic.
  • Teach them to ‘Run Away’ – Tell them to run away as quickly as possible from the spot if anyone touches them inappropriately. Also to shout and call people for help nearby if possible.

Apart from all those above you too as a parent should be considerate and always have an Eagle’s eye on your kids. You should :

  • Make sure no one, be it family or friend tries to get too close to your child.
  • Note the expressions on your child’s face if, there is any fear or silence for a particular person.
  • Don’t send them out with anyone not too familiar to the child.
  • Never leave them alone or in the care of a person unfamiliar.

And the huge point is parents of a Male child should educate their boys to have respect for the opposite gender. They should obey the principles of being a better human being by giving respect to Females. And always help them in danger. If the Males in our society becomes aware, 98% of this evil will be eradicated.

So, these were the steps to be taken by you to stop these crimes happening in our societies. So that we can offer a safe and healthy environment for our kids to grow and prosper.


Jennifer Nelson is a seasoned reporter and entrepreneurial writer. She covers breaking news and enjoys writing about current events.

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