Virginia Tech soccer star and Northside grad Daniel Pereira signs with Major League Soccer

Five years has been passed when Daniel Pereira moved with his parents from Venezuela to the Roanoke area and now, he has got a Major League Soccer contract. Pereira who is a Virginia Tech sophomore midfielder and got graduation from Northside High School, has recently announced on Wednesday 30th December 2020 on his Twitter account that he is coming back to enter the Major League Soccer Super Draft. Besides, he also signed a Generation Adidas contract with MLS, to make him eligible for next month’s plan.

Pereira, on Wednesday, said in a phone interview that he is unable to believe this right away. And also, that he is hopeful that he would be back with some pros. It is very excited about getting a contract with Adidas because this opportunity is availed by just a few of the players. This is the jump that every player desires to get.

It is a great accomplishment for him, for his mom and dad. According to the star, his parents are the ones who moved there with him.

Generation Adidas happens to be a mutual program between MLS and Adidas where a handful of underclassmen and members of the youth national team got signed in by MLS to the contract of Generation Adidas each winter thus making them suitable for the draft. And of course, Pereira would not have been suitable for Jan 2021 if he had not signed the contract.

On these special moments, Katiuska Gil, mother of Pereira, commented that Pereira is very happy on signing the contract because it was his one of the utmost dreams and as a parent, there isn’t anything better than to see her son living his dreams. The great lady is also feeling hopeful that her son will become a professional soccer player soon. This success became a big thing for their family, and they deem it to be the greatest gift after coming to the United States.

According to the words of Pereira, he got excited when he received an offer from a Generation Adidas contract, a couple of weeks earlier and his parents just started crying when they heard of the news. He thinks that he would never get such a great chance ever again and he won’t want to miss it at any cost. So he immediately signed the contract by 24th December, giving up the rest of this college skills.

Pereira’s mom also commented that her son signed a three-year contract, but none of them exposed the sum. But now, Pereira is the first Hokie to get signed in a Generation Adidas contract after Patrick Nyarko who also signed the contract in January 2008 after leading the Hokies to the semifinals of 2007 NCAA as a junior. He was selected by Chicago as the Seventh selected pick in the first round of the MLS Super Draft happened in January 2008. Also, he made his MLS entrance the same year and served himself in the MLS for almost 10 years.

On the success of Pereira, Mike Brizendine (the Tech Coach) said that he is feeling proud of Dany as he is a great kid. He is a very talented and excellent player of the time. So he is hopeful that the star will excel at the next level as well.

The rocket star, Dany Pereira depicted his feelings that he will miss his teammates as they were brothers to him.