Teen Birthday Party ideas

Unique Teen Birthday Party ideas

Teenage is all about partying and having fun. But organizing a birthday party can be a troublesome task. You have to plan a theme, organize and arrange for everything and make sure that your kid likes your surprise.

I’m sure you would have thought a lot about it, and now you have decided to take the web’s help. You have landed on the perfect page because we will give you few unique ideas for a teen birthday party.

Birthday party with Bonfire

If you have a nice outdoor place then, a bonfire party is a must. You can easily set this up in your backyard or garden. It will be a light-hearted party that your kid will love. All you need is a Bluetooth speaker, sitting mats, guitar candles, and some fairy lights. You can throw some pillows and rugs on the ground around the bonfire. Decorate the place using fairy lights. Invite some close friends of your child. They’ll have fun with the delicious pizza, roasted marshmallows, cold drinks, and of course, cake!

Instagram Birthday Party

Kids are obsessed with Instagram these days, and what can excite them more than an Instagram themed party? You can arrange this party at your very home. You will have to print some Instagram icons, moustache emojis, 3D glasses. These can be the photo props. You can create a small selfies corner and place these props there with colorful ribbons in the background. Instead of going for a typical birthday cake, you can order an Instagram icon shaped birthday cake.

Carnival themed Birthday Party.

It is a great teen birthday party idea that you can easily set up in your garden or any local park. You can set up a table, and cover that up with a bright fabric, fix a giant umbrella over the table. Hang colorful balloons and ribbons on the umbrella. Decorate the whole place with colorful ribbons and balloons. For the food, you can add cotton candy, edible flowers, bright candies, nachos, chicken nuggets, a cold drink, and a popcorn shaped cake!

Pool Party

It is a fun teen boy birthday party idea, especially during summers. If you have a pool at your place, you can arrange a birthday party there or even go to any club. You can create a small separate area for the kids to rest whenever they want and keep sunscreen lotion and towels there. Add a few small baskets to keep things like wallets and keys. Decorate the place with paper lanterns, paper garlands, and don’t forget to add the speakers. You can even arrange fun games for the kids. Don’t forget to serve watermelon drinks, fruit skewers, or sandwiches to the kids.

Karaoke Party

If your kid is obsessed with music and singing, you should blindly go to a Karaoke birthday party. You can arrange it for your house. You’ll need a karaoke machine, fog machine, Karaoke songs, and disco lights. You can make a small photo booth in the corner with photo hats, glasses, and other props. Decorate the staging area with silver curtains and arrange the disco lights. Top everything off with mouthwatering food and beverages with a birthday cake.

Runway birthday party

If your little girl is a fashion freak, she’ll enjoy a runway themed party with her girlfriends. You can order a lipstick, purse, or high heel shaped cake to go with the theme. For the arrangements, take a carpet and lay it on the ground to make it a runway. Arrange for a camera and some music too. Ask your guests to wear dresses that’ll go with the theme. Click a lot of photos to capture your young one smiling.

Movie night birthday Party

Another unique idea for teen birthday party is arranging a movie night. It would be fun to set it outdoors. You can get a screen on which you can play a movie. Have a little popcorn corner with buckets full of popcorn. Next to it, keep some paper bags to fill in the popcorn. Prepare some snacks too much while everyone enjoys the movie.

Sports themed Party

If your child is a sports freak, then arrange a sports-themed party! You can set a sport to watch at home if you want to throw the party indoors. But if you’re planning to throw an outdoor party, arrange for a cricket or football match amongst the guests. Everyone can wear the jerseys of their favorite team to go with the theme. Order a football-shaped cake to top it all off. Ask your kid about his favorite team and decorate the place with his/her favorite team’s color.

Amusement Park Birthday party

Kids love amusement parks, then why not celebrate their birthday there? This party plan can never go wrong. Spend the whole day along with your child’s friends. Rides, water parks, roller coasters will make the day memorable. You can arrange for the food at one of the restaurants inside the amusement park. You can even celebrate a little there while cutting the cake!

Harry Potter themes Birthday Party.

Give me the name of one kid who doesn’t love Harry Potter. Every kid in the world is a harry potter fan. Arranging a Harry Potter themed party is always a good idea. Let your kid enter the world of magic! You can ask the guests to wear long robes that will go well with the theme. Decorate the house with the flags of all four houses, with posters of famous harry potter quotes, and you can even arrange the quidditch World Cup! You can serve cold drinks by tagging them as potions. Get some chocolates and other snacks too. And don’t forget to order a harry potter themed cake!

Camping or Hiking

Yes! Go camping with your kid and his/her friends to make their day memorable. You can set up a camp somewhere outdoors and don’t forget to take guitars and Bluetooth speakers. You can have a bonfire at night, you sing or play music there. Enjoy the evening by eating some roasted marshmallows and make the day unforgettable. You can combine hiking and camping if you want to make it more fun. Bring some cool sunglasses, caps, and backpacks to enjoy the hiking experience to its fullest.

I’m sure this article gave you the solution you were looking for. Moreover, you can plan parties for the next 20 years from this one post!


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