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5 Unique Fashion Accessories To Make Your Regular Outfits WOW 

We all wish to stand out in our social circle when it comes to carrying fashion accessories. We buy tons of expensive products and still feel something is missing.

Trust me you don’t need to spend hundreds of dollars to be the fashion queen. All you need is the right choice of product for every moment. Your wardrobe just needs a little update, you need only a few inexpensive but very classy products to add charisma to your regular outfits.

So here is a list of five unique and inexpensive accessories you need to rock the fashion game.

Crochet Barefoot Sandals

Crochet barefoot sandals can make you a center of attraction at any beach, pool part, or garden event. Crochet products are usually hand weaved and there are tons of styles available. It has a designed patch attached to strings that you can tie around your ankle or leg.

Crochet Barefoot Sandals-Flackee

The strings add extra beauty and style to crochet barefoot sandals and go perfectly with bikinis, laced and strapped dresses. Wearing crochet barefoot sandals can save you from choosing uncomfortable heels or shoes while dancing, playing games, or walking.

You can go to the venue in any shoes and keep them in your handbag and were them when needed.

Middle Nose Ring

The tradition of nose ring is common in India, Pakistan, Bangladesh and sometimes Turkey. But usually they prefer to pierce one side of nose. Middle nose rings are also traditional but limited to specific area. The tradition was later copied by gothic and hippie fashion culture. Middle nose ring are classy and yet very modern. It add a fresh look you your makeover and can be a good substitute if you don’t have matching jewelry for your outfits.

Middle Nose Ring Flackee

Middle nose rings draws attention to lip color so matt and bold lip colors look very spicy with it. You can look extremely sexy and fashionable without wearing provocative or revealing dresses. Your facial expressions pops out when you carry a small nose ring in silver, gold or antique polish.

African headscarf

When a t-shirt or any boring outfit carries an African headscarf. It rejuvenates your style and adds colors to your outfit. You don’t have to necessarily wear a matching colored African headscarf with a dress. Contrast and mismatched colors look more attractive and joyful.

African headscarf -Flackee

In case you are wearing something repetitively, you can add new life to your old dress with these. African headscarves also make your personality shine. They are graceful and engaging. Buy two or three multicolored prints and you can carry them with almost all the dresses in your wardrobe.

Your casual and semi-casual outfits can now have a Bohemian or Indiana look with these 2 to 5 dollars products. You can make your white or black t-shirts a style statement with these scarves. There are more than 30 ways to carry these scarves on the head.  You can watch any YouTube tutorial and have a distinct and whole new look every time.

Metallic Tattoo Stickers

You might have heard of Mehandi cone or markers for temporary tattoos, but to use them you need good drawing skills to create a beautiful pattern. Metallic tattoo stickers are an easy and stylish substitute for Mehandi or markers.

Fashion Symbol Accessories Metallic Tattoo Stickers fLACKEE

You can have temporary tattoos that shine like metal plates. You can use them as a tattoo as well as you can create an illusion of wearing jewelry without wearing any anklet, necklace, or bracelet.

You can save hundreds of bucks you spend on jewelry every month. They are available in hundreds of different designs and you can create your own designs or pattern as well.

You can also use metallic tattoo stickers over your belly, neck, back, or anywhere without getting in trouble of piercing. The metallic chrome adds a sparkling and elegant vibe to your look. They can be carried with formal, casual, and semi-formal events.

Head Chains

Head chains are known as a symbol of royalty and sophistication. From your wedding dress to your random daily wear dresses you can carry them with anything and everything. No matter what hairstyle you have, the head chains always look extra-ordinary graceful.

Fashion Accessories  Head Chains fLACKEE

With open hairs, you can let the head chain go around your head, and with buns or pony, you can use over half head. Some head chains have clips to fix them quickly on your head while you have to use hairpins with some.

Head chains complement bot dyed or natural colored hairs, they can even go with funky hair dyes.

Last Words…

All the above-mentioned five accessories will cost less than 50 dollars in total and you can create tons of looks with them. All these products are not just inexpensive but easy to carry as well. Several online stores and local accessories stores have these products, all you have to do is a little hunting.

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