Titans v Packers: Aaron Rodgers, AJ Dillon led Green Bay drive Tennessee in snow games

The Packers have laid their eyes on the No. 1 seed in the NFC after a big hit on Sunday night. The snowy weather at Lambeau Field on Sunday night could have suggested a good night for the Tennessee Titans, who rely heavily on a swift hunting attack led by Derrick Henry. Instead, a Green Bay Packers guest ran away with the show – literally. With big contributions from Aaron Jones and rookie AJ Dillon, not to mention an almost perfect exit from favorite MVP Aaron Rodgers, Matt LaFleur’s team had no problem beating AFC South rivals in prime time. With NFC No.1 Aiming for seed, the Packers scored early and frequently, then easily cemented their lead at the crucial moment, securing a 40-14 win, improving to 12-3 in the season, and dropping Tennessee to 10-5 ahead of Week 17 … Thanks to the win, the North Packers NFC champions are now within one win to seal the best seed – and goodbye in the first round – in the postseason. Meanwhile, the Titans have yet to officially qualify for the postseason, and the Colts are still alive in the South. But other early loads from Sunday or the Green Bay win had many reasons behind the Packers ’win and losing Titans. Aaron Rodgers is the MVP! That’s right. You felt here. The permanent wonder, indescribable writing by some in 2019, deserves the brand. Sunday night is one of the many examples of why. Save for the poor recommended fourth-quarter score where he earned just a greedy touch and gifted Tennessee an income, No. 12 was clean under the snow of Lambeau. His signature gestures appeared all night, as did his chemistry with Davante Adams which is certainly strong. It helped that Matt Lafler’s ground game also feasted on the Titans, with Aaron Jones running as if he’d been fired from a cannon (including the 40-plus-yard sprint that Tennessee had to roll backward), and AJ Dillon proved the whole project. Daytime skeptics are wrong when they say that a bruised night is ideal for cold weather. Don’t forget to give credit to the defense of Mike Pettine, who was particularly energetic in the supporting game, deflecting several key passes from Ryan Tannehill and hitting two. Mike Vrabel’s defense has no response for Aaron Rodgers and Aaron Jones. Few teams made it, but it was a very bad show for Tennessee, who quickly succumbed to a lot of easy points, including key points, in the beginning. Malcolm Butler had his favorite option of scuba diving by throwing away Rodgers late in the evening, but otherwise, the Titans still got to play all night. In fact, on a night where Derrick Henry was okay despite the snowy weather suggesting he would be there for a heavy, steady workload, Tannehill would all too often look uncomfortable shooting the ball down the floor. It could be said that Tannehill’s first choice, which allowed the Packers to take an early advantage with two scores. But the Titans got their revenge, to the surprise of Tannehill’s TD, which drew Tennessee within five at the start of the third. It didn’t matter to the Titans in the end, but Tannehill’s lovable goalkeeper in QB was a good display of his underrated athleticism. The Packers (12-3) will now wrap up their 2020 season against rival Bears (8-7), who just beat Jaguar.


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