The Last Ride 1.5 Bloody KMs

On May 22, 2020, a horrible Plane Crash took place in Karachi (Pakistan).

A flight was scheduled to leave from Lahore to Karachi but who knew that actually the flight was scheduled to go to The Paradise.

The Plane (Airbus A320) was carrying a total of 99 lives including 8 people of the crew.

The flight was operated with a 15-year-old Airbus A320-214 owned by GE Capital Aviation Services, an Irish-American Aviation Financing and Leasing Company. The Plane was powered by A320 by CFM 56-5B4/P Engines, which were most recently installed in February and May 2019. The last routine maintenance check on the plane was conducted two months earlier On March 21, 2020, and from 7 May onwards, the Plane has conducted 6 successful flights.

The flight pilot was Captain Sajjad Gul with 18000 flying hours experience. Usman Azam was the first officer.

The Plane begins its takeoff roll shortly after 1 on. After 10 minutes the plane had taken it’s last to take off and after 90 minutes when the plane was getting ready to be taken on the ground an unusual thing took place The Landing Gear was not working. At that time The Plane was about

5 Km/S away from the runway and at an altitude of approximately 3500 ft which is considered to be very high for 5 Km/s.Although the control room gave instructions to maintain the altitude the pilot was satisfied. So, he ignored the instructions. After a failure of Landing Gear, The Pilot decided to perform a belly landing so the runway was made clear for him. When the plane made its first impact with the ground the first engine was assumed to be effected badly and in the second blow, the other engine was engaged.

Considering these deadly impacts and speed of the Airplane The Pilot decided for a Go Around.

The Pilot was advised to maintain an altitude of 2000 Km/S but that couldn’t happen because it was too late. The next thing The Pilot said was:

“Sir, we have lost both engines”

A Mayday call was made.

The Loss…

The Plane also hit a 4 story building when the plane was just 1.5 Kms from the runway which made a considerable amount of contribution in the crash. The Plane made a disastrous Impact and crashed in a Residential Area called Model Colony.

The Last Ride

The plane also damaged some houses and several cars and injured 8 people on the ground and 1 of them later died due to severe injuries

97 people lost their precious lives in this incident.

Famous Pakistani Model Zara Abid also died in this crash.

The Survivals

Only two persons survived this horrible crash. One of them was the president of the Bank Of Punjab  Zafar Masud

And the other one was Muhammad Zubair

Muhammad Zubair talked to the media after that in which He told that when the plane was crashed he could smell the acidic smell of the Plane’s fuel and he was hearing the death cries of the fellow passengers who were being eaten by the deadliest flames of fire. He further said that after some struggle he managed to open the seatbelt and saw some light rays at some distance. So, he went struggling towards it. There he had to jump approximately 10 ft to get out of the plane. The rescue teams took care of him and took him to the hospital for treatment.

After the Unfortunate Incident

This crash made a horrible impact in the minds of all the Pakistani’s.

A layer of sorrow and grief spread in The Whole Nation. Everyone was saddened to hear about this unfortunate incident. Everyone was hoping for a minimum life loss but Alas! it was maximum.

A lot of questions are raised after that incident regarding the:

  • Fitness of the Plane.
  • The strategy of The Pilot.
  • What was that 4 story building doing in the premises of the AirPort?
  • Why was the plane not inspected before the flight?
  • Why did The Pilot go for a Go Around?
  • Why the pilot didn’t slow down when he was attempting to land at the very first time?
  • Why every year PIA’s plane meets the disasters that are responsible for this?

A committee is set up to investigate and answer all the arising questions.

We can’t change what had happened but we can prevent further crashes If we take a lesson from this crash. People of Pakistan are demanding to make PIA a more safe Airline by adding new planes and replacing them with the old ones.

Everyone’s sincere grief is with the victims and all are hoping not to see a 22 May ever again.


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