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Serena Williams Remains Stuck On 23 Major Titles After Losing To Naomi Osaka

Since winning her 23rd major title at the 2017 Australian Open, Serena Williams has now played 11 Grand Slam events. 11 times she has missed the mark regarding winning major No. 24. Time remains to run out, at 39.

In an exceptionally match not just in the world of tennis game but also in the greater sports universe. In the Australian Open semifinals rounds played before a crowd of 7,500, or 50% of the capacity of Rod Laver Arena, No. 3 Naomi Osaka handily dispatched No. 10 Serena, 6-3, 6-4.

Naomi Osaka told Jim Courier in her on-court interview that,

“I don’t know if there are any little kids out here today but I was the little kid watching her play, and just to be on the court playing against her, for me, am a dream. I think the biggest thing that I’ve learned over the years is you’re a competitor but you’re playing against another competitor. That itself is the funniest part because tennis is a game.”

Serena Williams on the other hand is 16 years elder than Naomi Osaka, who is at 23. On hardcourts, Osaka has won three of the last five majors played, and will currently try to win her fourth in finals, which be played on Saturday against either American Jen Brady or Karolina Muchova of the Czech Republic.

Including the controversial 2018 United States’ Open Final, where she was catcalled by a New York crowd that felt Serena had been robbed by umpire Carlos Ramos. She managed to play her normal big hitting game with calm certainty, Osaka improved to 3-1 against Serena.

As fateful as the United States’ Open match, Osaka secured three Grand Slam titles, yet Serena couldn’t secure one. In the fall of 2017, since Serena became a mother, she is 0-4 in Grand Slam finals, and as of now she has lost back-to-back majors in New York and Melbourne in the semifinals.

Serena comes into the tournament when she was inspired by the success of 43-year-old quarterback Tom Brady, who won his seventh Super Bowl on Feb. 7 with the Buccaneers. Through her initial five rounds, including great straight-sets prevail upon world No. 2 Simona Halep. Serena managed to move quietly well.

Serena got off to a solid beginning when she was playing against Naomi Osama, breaking in the main round of the match and afterward holding for a 2-0 lead. At that point, Osaka ran through five straight games as Serena battled with her forehand and serve. Osaka took the first set of the match with a shocking forehand champion up the line and Serena didn’t have a one forehand winner in the first set.

Naomi Osaka

While Osaka was a perfect 4-of-4, Serena was 2-of-7 on break points. On Serena’s serve condition Naomi said that,

I was just guessing [on Serena’s serve], I don’t know, It’s either going this or that way, I just gotta put my foot somewhere.”

In the second set of the match, when Serena broke back to get to 4-all, she had a chance to take the lead of 5-4. But she surrendered on first serves in the match, her serve by going 0-for-4. Osaka got the break with an attractive crosscourt two-handed backhand.

The two women embraced at the tennis net, when Serena made her come back with hit a backhand into the net on match point. To reach her fourth Grand Slam final, Osaka closed the match out on her serve.

Williams said,

“The difference today was errors, I made so many errors today. There were opportunities where I could’ve been up 5-0 and I just made so many errors.” Serena broke down into tears and left the interview room when she was asked if she is bidding farewell to the Australian crowd by putting her hand over her heart on court.


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