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Scotts and MLB to extend their partnership and launch 2021 Field Refurbishment Grant Program

On Wednesday, The Scotts Company LLC (Scotts) and Major League Baseball (MLB) announced their extension in partnership and also that they will be accepting submissions for the 2021 Scotts® Field Refurbishment Grant Program.

The Ohio based company will remain the Official Lawn Care Company of Major League Baseball (MLB) in an official multi-year contract. Each year, within the United States, The Scotts® Field Refurbishment Program awards modern, playable youth baseball and softball field refurbishments to local communities of need.

The renewal in the contract is based on the 10 years long term successful partnership that began in 2010, which makes the Scotts and MLB into a 10th season together and fourth season that Scotts is an official partner of PLAYBALL initiative of the Major League Baseball.

The Scotts and The Major League Baseball will continue the Scotts® Field Refurbishment Program, just like it has been for the last successful 10 years, the program grants awards to youth-focused community organizations to give kids modern, and playable ball fields. The Executive Vice President, Business & Sales of Major League Baseball, Noah Garden stated that,

“Beginning our 10th season working with Scotts, everyone at Major League Baseball could not be more excited about continuing our work together, creating more places for kids to play ball. As one of our longest tenured partners, Scotts truly defines what it means to be a partner. They continually collaborate with us on a variety of initiatives as we support each other’s meaningful community efforts.”

Including all the formal leagues, special events and casual forms of play, the collective efforts of the league is to encourage young youth and communities to engage in baseball- or softball-related activities.

The Scotts® Field Refurbishment Program is a major part of the larger GroMoreGood initiative of the company which is connected to increase the wellbeing and health of the children by encouraging the children to go for more outdoor play opportunities through enhancing community greenspaces. The Senior Vice President, Brand Marketing, ScottsMiracle-Gro, Josh People said that,

“Memories are made outside, whether they’re in a ballpark or in a backyard. Connecting children with safe, quality places to play is a priority for Scotts and MLB continues to be a natural partner for us in this effort. Our long-standing relationship is rooted in community outreach and encouraging fans and families alike to engage and enjoy more moments outside.”

The Scotts Refurbishment Program is part of an enterprise-wide pledge and commitment from ScottsMiracle-Gro to connect more than 10 million children and youth to gardening and outdoor play activities in different communities all over the United States that is driven by a purpose to GroMoreGood.

The World Series Champion 2008 and the three-time MLB All-Star, Ryan Howard will be joining the Olympic Softball Gold Medalist and MLB Youth Softball Ambassador, Jennie Finch are officially coming back as the ambassadors for the program. Both the ambassadors will be participating in program promotion, celebration ceremonies and field selection. 6th April is the due date to submit the applications for the sixth installment of the program.

In late spring, a careful review process was followed by the Blue Ribbon Panel of judges for the selection of the four winning organizations including Finch, Howard and representatives from Scotts and MLB. For all the four fields, the repairing and upgrading sums to $200,000 that will be made during early summer throughout the United States.

Over the starting five years of the partnership and program, the Scotts® Field Refurbishment Program renovated more than two dozen fields all over the United States and approximately the sum of $2 million have been contributed to improve these ballfields. The vice president of marketing for Scotts, Ashley Bachmann said that,

“Together, with MLB we created the field refurbishment program so that more kids can have a safe place to play outdoors. The program has reached thousands of kids over the last five years. We know these fields have served as a place for youth to hone their skills, both on the field and off, as they experience the benefits of mentorship and a sense of belonging playing alongside their teammates. We can’t wait to see this year’s kids in action.”

Moreover, after field work is done, Scotts and MLB plan to celebrate the field refurbishments with each winning community taking all the safety measurements to be examine, applying organizations must provide programming to youth in underserved areas through the United States. Jennifer Finch, one of the brand ambassadors of the program said,

“As an athlete and a mom, I’m so inspired by the organizations that submit for these grants and work so hard to provide safe spaces for kids to play and compete. I’m thrilled to be part of the program again this year and can’t wait to award these field renovations to four very deserving communities.”

On the other hand, the other brand ambassador of the program, Ryan Howard also stated that,“There’s nothing better than getting out on the field and playing baseball with your teammates and friends – it’s something I hope every child has a chance to do the 2008 World Series Champion and three-time All-Star. “It’s been amazing to see the impact these refurbished fields have had on youth sports in past recipient communities and I can’t wait to get going on this year’s selection process and field renovations.”


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