Kingsman Bodyguards


A detailed review of my experience with USPA Nationwide Security in Manhattan

NEW YORK CITY, NY – September 7, 2021 // I’ve been covering business news as well as entrepreneurial men and women for many years. Along the way, I had the opportunity to interview Michael Evans about a few topics, from sports to security. Then, on Labor Day Weekend, I had a need to reach out to Mike for security in Manhattan. I was there on holiday and had a terrible experience with a man who quickly become aggressive with me. I emailed Mike and to my surprise, he responded almost instantly. He was at the beach with his family and within minutes, we were on the phone. I described my situation, which had me held up in my hotel room, afraid to come out as the man who became violent and aggressive was staying in the same hotel.

I was having a drink at the hotel bar when he asked me to have dinner with him. When I politely said no, he began to curse at me. I quickly closed out my bar tab. I made an error by charging the drinks to my room. I had to write my name and room number on the bill. I watched as he walked over and reached behind the bar and read my room number and full name. Minutes, later, he was at my hotel room door. I called down to the front desk and asked to be moved, but the hotel had no open rooms. The next person I contacted was Mike from USPA Nationwide Security. I knew he had a division that dealt with women in danger.

Mike had two armed bodyguards in my room within the hour. They escorted me, in their vehicle, to another hotel and both stayed outside of my room all night. When I woke in the morning, there were two new security officers on duty who then escorted me in an Uber to JFK airport. Both officers stayed with me until I reached the TSA.  I was able to board my flight and get home safely. Mike did not charge me a dime for any of those officers. I owe them the decency of an honest review and I owe other women who find themselves in a similar situation to know that USPA’s Kingsman Division exists. USPA Nationwide Security gets 5 Stars from this girl. Thank you for all you do for women.


Jennifer Nelson is a seasoned reporter and entrepreneurial writer. She covers breaking news and enjoys writing about current events.