Queen Elizabeth

Queen Elizabeth Delivers Annual Christmas Speech amid COVID-19 Crisis: ‘We Need Life to Go On’

Watching the Queen’s speech on Christmas Day is believed to be a holiday ritual common in many homes around the globe. The great lady, Queen Elizabeth, delivered an inspiring speech on Christmas day and shared her feeling about the pandemic with the entire world.

Queen Elizabeth privileged one of her most persistent traditions on Friday with her annual “Queen’s Speech” on Christmas. This year’s address, paying attention to the difficulties of the past several months among the ongoing COVID-19 crisis.

She said that every year they get the indication of the coming of Christmas by turning on the lights. And lighting tends to create a festive mood as it brings hope. Jesus is the light of the world for Christians but now they can’t celebrate his birth today in the pretty customary way. People of all faiths and believes remained unable to meet as they would desire for their festivals, like Passover, Easter, Eid, and Vaisakhi. But what they need is for life to go on. Last month, fireworks brighten up the sky around Windsor, as Hindus, Sikhs, and Jains who celebrated Diwali, the event of lights, provided that happy moments of hope and harmony, despite social distancing.

Unlike the years past, the Queen didn’t reveal any personal details of the past year, for instance, any update about Prince Harry and Meghan, Markle’s exit from the royal family, and the wedding of her granddaughter Princess Beatrice. She remained calm on all the events but on Christmas day she not only revealed her gloomy feelings about the COVID with the world but also her hope for unity to face the extremely difficult situation. She said that no one can alone defeat this pandemic but we all should join hands together to win. She also commented that the people around the world are unable to celebrate the festival in quite the way they wanted. But she also gave hope that they will win immediately and will get rid of the COVID soon.  This year has kept people away from their beloved ones but will bring them close soon. She said that this darkest night will bring a new calm morning.

She also drew a lot on the strength she derives from her deep faith, which has helped her steer the difficulties of life during the universal pandemic. Those who know her say she misses the society feel of going to church with her friends and family. But she commented that the teachings of Christ have served her inner light, same as the sense of the purpose they can get in meeting together to worship. According to her, this year will be traced with sadness. Some people mourning for the loss of their beloveds, and some missing their friends and families who are departed due to distance for safety. What they all desired for this Christmas is just a hug or a handshake. But it is only the remedy to keep away yourself from others to save yourself and your beloveds as well. She also stated that she is praying to get rid of the pandemic.

In winding up, she said that the Bible told them how a star appeared in the sky, and that is a light guiding the shepherds and prudent men to the view of Jesus’s birth. Now, let the light of Christmas, the strength of selflessness, love, affection, and above all the hope, guide us in the times ahead. It is in that spirit that she wished us a very happy Merry Christmas.


Jennifer Nelson is a seasoned reporter and entrepreneurial writer. She covers breaking news and enjoys writing about current events.