Motorcycle Safety Precautions

Motorcycle Safety Precautions: Step By Step Guide

No doubt bike is one of the most popular and essential vehicles and with the increasing population people who ride bikes have increased considerably too. But have you ever stopped for a moment and thought about the general safety precautions and motorcycle safety?

Yes, this one of the most crucial things you can ever imagine, having a hold on your bike does not mean that you should just neglect safety measures, it not only can save your soul but also can save others from having fatal or serious injuries.

So, let us shed some light on how you can avoid these fatal road accidents and how to avoid serious injuries in case of any mishap.

Identifying the right type of bike:

This is probably the first and foremost thing that you should consider; of course, whenever you want to purchase a bike for you, the first thing you notice is the type of engine and shape of the bike.

And identifying what suits your requirements can be really helpful in handling your bike. You should be well acquainted with certain types such as:

  • Standard
  • Cruiser
  • Sport Bike
  • Scooter
  • Touring

And a lot more that you can choose from.

Typically the standard bike has 125cc to 1000cc engine and they can even fit with the luggage or the tank bag and different seats.

Cruiser bike usually has the lower seat, and it has the cruising design, you can get 1000cc or more depending upon which brand you are buying from.

Sports bikes are generally faster, they are famous for their agility and fast speed, and they even have the forward-leaning ergonomics. If you are into speed racing, then for sure no other bike would suit you than having sportbike. They typically have higher engine power.

Then comes another favorite type of bike which is known is touring, and yes it is for your adventurous tour, for core bikers it is not just a bike but another home. Touring bikes are larger and they are heavier in terms of engine, size, and height. They even have large storage options so you can roam around the city equipped with everything you need.

Similarly, there are many other types of bikes that you should be able to analyze before you get your hands on a bike. Knowing the right type is the only way to save your soul.

What are the safety precautions?

We analyzed some of the most common types of bikes and we also discussed that you should never go for any bike unless you know which type you are comfortable with.

But let us say you have chosen your favorite bike. Now what? Now comes the most important part which is to apply the motorcycle safety.

There is a term for the bikers ATGATT, which reflects a statement, (All the Gears All the Time) yes and it makes perfect sense. If you are getting into biking then you should always know how to gear up with your safety equipment.

If you are a new biker, then you might not be quite familiar with the term, however; it is as important as riding the bike.

There are different gears that keep you safe such as:

  • Helmet
  • Jacket
  • Pants
  • Suits
  • Boots
  • Gloves
  • Body armor
  • Elbow, knee and shin guards
  • Hearing protection
  • Eyes protection

Putting on Helmet:

First comes the helmet; as keeping your head safe is one of the most prime things to do. If you get hit on your head then you can undergo serious injuries, and that can even be fatal.

Sadly, a lot of people excuse from putting on the helmet as they say they feel congested due to lack of air, and this results in them is not wearing the helmet.

But hey, instead of choosing not to wear you can always choose some quality helmet for you. And there are multiple quality helmets for you that you can choose. They provide you with good airflow, and you will never feel congested. And for the people who feel congested, it is worth it in the end.


Not only the right type of motorcycle jacket is really helpful in bearing the environmental pressure such as harsh weather conditions, but also they will protect you upon falling down from the bike.

They do not have the standard type of clothes, and they have such foaming and hard canvas that keeps you safe from many things, so it is definitely a second most important thing.

Biker gloves:

When you ride the bike at high speed there are chances of being hit by small mammal bugs, or even the pebbles that get hit right into you. And that can be really painful, and people who ride bikes on higher speed know the pain. And the only possible way to stop it is to wear bike gloves.

There are different types of gloves such as leather, textile, waterproof; we recommend leather gloves as they are quite comforting even if you put them on for a long time. However, they do not resist water.

Boots for Motorcycle Safety:

Do not tell me that you want to roam the city in your slippers! You cannot, as boots are really important for you, if you want to stay comfortable you need good shoes that give you protection, comfort, and traction.

Also make sure your shoes do not have laces, as they are not recommended as they have chances to get tangled. Or even if your shoes have laces, then ensure they are tied perfectly.

Biking Pants:

Just like the jacket, bike pants are different, they are made of canvas that has the ability to protect against many things, and even if you fall, chances are you would be safe. And the number of injuries would be as less as possible.

Most guys do not care about the lower body parts, whether it is a gym or biking. But it is extremely important. So, make sure you put on the bike pants along with the other gears.

Now let us talk about other important gears.


Accessories are really important, they assist you with your biking experience and experts say that combining the accessories with safety gear can surely uplift your safety.

Ear protection:

In general accessories, you can buy yourself ear protection. You might want to cover your ears with some earplugs; these help you to avoid the rushing sound while you ride the bike at high speed.

Goggles an important part of Motorcycle Safety:

So, for the eye protection we use goggles, these are really important, just like we discussed there are many bugs and pebbles that might hit you on hands while you are on the bike and it can be even worse if they hit your eyes. And this is a really common thing. However; most likely it happens every time.

Even if you are not riding the bike at high speed you can get your eyes hit with something small, and it can cause real distraction. Imagine being hit by something while riding the bike at high speed. You can even lose control and face some serious accidents. So, make sure you always put on your biking goggle for eye protection.

And your ordinary glasses will not do any good. Your eyes should be covered completely and your goggles should hold firmly as to not be carried away by the heavy airflow.

Shin and elbow guards:

These are really important and you should actually consider them as part of the biking attire, these guards are your friends throughout the journey of biking.

They can save you from serious injuries, these shin and elbow guards are to protect you from heavy fractures. In most cases when we fall from the bike it becomes almost impossible to eliminate fractures without these guards. So, if you are a heavy track racer, then make sure you are equipped with shin and elbow guards.

These are the standard bike riding equipment that you should never compromise with, as these are gravely important for you.

If you feel these are too heavy for you then probably you should not ride the bike at all.

Familiarize yourself with Motorcycle Safety and these gears and always put them on before you get on the bike as a rider, especially on heavy bikes.

However; one should never ignore the education of biking and the track, if you want to adopt this profession then it becomes vital for you to start educating yourself. Have track school learning or some private lessons. Make sure you know the proper know-how of the road, signals, signs, and everything out there.

Try to ride the bike at slow speed in start unless you master the ability to control your bike, you should never be in control of your bike. And for that purpose choose a bike according to your weight.

Never compromise on Motorcycle Safety, bike training, and the safety equipment, as your life depends on it, and saving a few bucks is not worth it. Choose your ride carefully, be safe!


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