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Major League Baseball Upgrades The Code Of Conduct Concerning Harassment And Segregation In The Wake Of Allegations

Major League Baseball (MLB) has upgraded its code of conduct which concerns harassment and segregation. Not just that, but the officials also have established an unidentified tip line in the wake of recent stories describing alleged harassment by since-fired general manager Jared Porter of New York Mets and presently suspended pitching coach Mickey Callaway of Los Angeles Angels.

On Tuesday, the new chief people and culture officer of Major League Baseball, Michele Meyer-Shipp, commanded the code of conduct. According to documents obtained by ESPN, he promises that. 

“All Major League Baseball and Club personnel will be held accountable for inappropriate conduct, regardless of their seniority, rank, or stature.”

Major League Baseball stated in an official statement that,

“We are committed to ensuring that all individuals who work in and around the game are welcomed and treated equally, with dignity, respect, and professionalism. To accomplish this goal, MLB and its Clubs will continue to strive to create environments in which people feel safe and accepted — and when they do not, they feel comfortable speaking up without fear of recrimination, retaliation, or exclusion.”

An anonymous hotline of Major League Baseball, called “Shout out,” will be worked by an external outside third force, and its contents will be investigated by either the relevant team or the commissioner’s office which will depend upon the nature of the charge.

A pamphlet was posted on the walls of every major league clubhouse this season, which plots three different steps for those with information about sexual unfortunate behavior. It says that,

“If wrongdoing or any misbehavior is found to have occurred, remedial action will be taken. Depending on the severity of the situation, remedial action may take the form of a warning, a suspension, termination of employment, or any other measures available to a Club or the Commissioner.”

A source confirmed to ESPN that Major League Baseball has also sent the memos to the teams, which necessitates anti-harassment and segregation training that has to be accomplished by the end of March through the five most senior operating staff of baseball and the five most senior business staff of the league.

The upgraded code of conduct also encouraged teams to adopt annual training in a similar format for all non-player staff. Every spring training for major league baseball players, the teams already hold seminars for sexual harassment, segregation, and domestic violence.

Previously, the Major League Baseball obligatory teams experienced anti-harassment and segregation training at least every three years from 2018 to 2020. However, the training did not clarify senior leadership, and also they did not inaugurate a generic approach to education.

On the 18th of January, ESPN reported, on a string of unambiguous and unsought text messages in 2016 when Porter sent images to a female reporter while working for the Chicago Clubs, one of the text messages included a picture of an erected penis. Later on, when he was charged with the harassment allegations by the female reporter, he accepted the unsolicited text messages, and he was fired the next day by the New York Mets.


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