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Mercedes Benz recalling over 1 Million Cars due to potential software issue and technical glitch

On Saturday, the Mercedes Bens of United States of America issued a recall on more than 1 million vehicles for a technical failure in the system of eCall. As per the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration during a delivery, this technical glitch has brought about crisis responders being dispatched to wrong areas.

This technical issue has made Mercedes to learn the hardest yet standard lesson about the importance of a reliable vehicle. The technical issue is a huge one in any vehicle. The software design of the communication module may result in a failure, as the technical glitch can cause ‘communication failure’ since it could make the vehicle neglect to impart right area information in case of an accident. Mercedes addressed this issue that,

A temporary technical collapse of the communication power supply of module causes a crash that might lead to the location of vehicle during a potential emergency call being incorrect. However, the other functions of the automatic and manual emergency calling feature are fully operational.

The technical issue affected a wide variety of the lineups of Mercedes’, extending from entry level vehicles like the A-Class through to flagship vehicles like the S-Class. Mercedes has examined various unfortunate incidents where vehicles were sent to some unacceptable locations.

A similar case happened in European in 2019 when the Mercedes-Benz eCall Center announced a particular example in the European market where a programmed system of eCall transferred a mistaken vehicle position. In that investigation, the examination found extra similar incidents with the vehicle position transferred was wrong.

The recalls covers some of model years between 2016-2021 as per to the filling of recall which was made by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, CLA-Class, GLA-Class, GLE-Class, GLS-Class, SLC-Class, A-Class, GT-Class, C-Class, E-Class, S-Class, CLS-Class, SL-Class, B-Class, GLB-Class, GLC-Class and G-Class vehicles.

It’s hazy as of now when exactly the software fix will be available. Some Mercedes owners won’t have to leave home to get a possibly life-saving fix that could offer piece of mind and also free mechanics to chip away at different fixes.

The automaker of the company said that it is uninformed of any material and factual damage or any personal injury which is connected with the potential software issue or any technical glitch. The software communication challenges and technical glitches of the eCall systems, the emergency recall illustrated the rising importance of over-the-air -updates for vehicles.

As per to the United States Department of Transportation, Mercedes-Benz expects to begin the recalls. On 6th April the automaker will start the formal recalling and planning to fix the technical issue through having the visits of owners’ dealerships or by either over-the-air updates. The company will also notify the affected owners of vehicles. Not just that but the company will also update the software systems at no charge to their customers and the dealers of the vehicles.

According to the company,

Mercedes will issue a software update which will be installed by dealers or over the air for some of the vehicles.


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