Arne Sorenson dies

Arne Sorenson dies at 62 – The successful and unusual CEO of the world’s biggest hotel network, Marriott

Arne Sorenson, the CEO of Marriott International passed away at the age 62 on Monday. Sorenson became the CEO of the company in 2012 as an unusual choice. He served the company as the first ever CEO who was didn’t belong to the Marriot family for the title of CEO. During his tenure for the past nine years, he developed the company in incredible ways. He was only the third CEO in the history of the company since the formation of Marriott in 1927.

Arne M. Sorenson developed Marriott International into the world’s biggest and successful hotel chain, designing a $13 billion association with Starwood Hotels and Resorts. This fortunate earning made Marriott the greatest and successful hotel administrator on earth, with more than of 7,500 properties across 132 nations and domains and 30 brands, including Courtyard, Ritz-Carlton, Westin, W Hotels and Sheraton and more than 170,000 employees worldwide. The association additionally made the business as the biggest customer-loyalty program, Marriott Bonvoy, with more than 140 million members.

The public announcement of Arne M. Sorenson was made by his company. Stating that,

Mr. Sorenson had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2019 and cut back on full-time oversight of Marriott two weeks ago to undergo “more demanding treatment.” A successor is expected to be announced in the next two weeks.”

On the unfortunate death incident of Arne M. Sorenson, the executive chairman of Marriot, J.W. Marriott Jr. said in a statement that,

“Arne was an exceptional executive. But more than that, he was an exceptional human being. Arne loved every aspect of this business and relished time spent touring our hotels and meeting associates around the world. He had an uncanny ability to anticipate where the hospitality industry was headed and position Marriott for growth. But the roles he relished the most were as husband, father, brother and friend.”

Before joining Marriott, as the third CEO of the world biggest hotel chain, Marriott, he was a partner with the law firm Latham & Watkins in Washington. Arne M. Sorenson was a lawyer in Washington.

In 1993, while representing the company in court case, following debt troubles and lawsuits from angry bondholders, where he supposedly beat out John Marriott III, the CEO’s child, in the approach succeed Bill Marriott. The two men bonded in part over their religious beliefs and opinions. Mr. Marriott was a Mormon by religion and on the other hand Mr. Sorenson was the son and grandson of the ministers of Lutheran. As Mr. Sorenson impressed his clients Mr. Marriott, few years after the case was closed, Mr. Sorenson received a job offer from his former client.

Mr. Sorenson accepted the job offer and joined Marriott in 1996. Prior to becoming out to be the CEO and president of the Marriott, Mr. Sorenson served in various jobs. He went on to supervise mergers and attainments for the Marriott, handling a $1 billion deal to buy the Renaissance Hotel Group.

In 2015, Mr. Sorenso told the Globe and Mail that,

“I will never have the celebrity that Bill Marriott had as CEO and, frankly, I don’t want it. My name is not over the door and it never will be over the door.”

Within two years of his services, he was elected as the (CFO) Chief Financial Officer. In 2011, He was elected for Marriott’s and served as president and become the (COO) Chief Operating Officer in the middle of the global financial crisis. Later on next year, In 2012 Mr. Sorenso became the unusual CEO of the world largest hotel chain.

Mr. Sorenson told Canada’s Globe and Mail newspaper during an interview that,

“Almost word for word the conversation with Mr. Marriott was: ‘I’ll come, but not to be a lawyer. He said okay; I said okay. There was zero discussion about what that might mean.”

Mr. Sorenso was born in a Lutheran Missionary Family in Tokyo, Japan on October 13, in 1958. Mr. Sorenso was the only kid to his parents. His mother was a public teacher and his father was a preacher. The family moved to St. Paul, Minn where Mr. Sorenso grew up. Mr. Sorenso received his higher education from Lutheran school in Decorah Iowa where in studied religion at Luther College. He received degree of bachelors before graduating from the University of Minnesota Law School in 1983. After completing his education he married his wife Ruth Christenson the next year. His parents-in-laws owned an ice cream shop in Decorah during the time they met and his wife she served him a cone.

He was on the boards of Microsoft and the Special Olympics and was a trustee of the Brookings Institution as he has always been outspoken about environmental sustainability, human rights, diversity and inclusion.

Mr. Sorenso was survived by his wife, Ruth including their four kids Astri, Esther, Isaac and Lars.


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