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Kingsman Philanthropic Corp – Striving for A Better World

When people often think of domestic abuse, they often emphasize domestic violence. But domestic abuse consists of any attempt by one person in a close and intimate relationship or specifically a marriage to dominate, lead and control the other partner.

Domestic violence and abuse are used for a sole purpose and one purpose only: to gain and maintain the advantage and total control over a woman or a child. An abuser doesn’t realize whether he is being fair. An abuser uses fear, guilt and shame to put you down and to threaten you with violence and abuse.

Kingsman Philanthropic Corp. is a non- profit entity that provides help and utilizes security contractors who are sent and posted to the homes of those women and children who are the victim of such violence and those who are searching to make an escape from a ferocious situation. 

Kingsman understands what it is like being tortured and in an abusive relationship and provides a moving crew and a security team to families across all the seven continents when and wherever possible.

Kingman Philanthropic Corp. comprises a dedicated team who vigilantly works and helps people in need of all the horrendous crimes that occur all around the globe. 

The scars of abuse are real

The battle against human trafficking, domestic violence, child kidnapping cases and abduction and locating missing persons is indeed a tough one. Kingsman Philanthropic Corp. is paving its way to a better world; a world where no woman or child has to live in fear and to struggle for survival. A world Where a woman can step out on the streets at any time of the day without the fear of being abducted or kidnapped and being used. 

With the help of kindhearted volunteers and generous donors, Kingsman does what they do and helps make changing lives possible. 

They help in providing basic necessities to victims such as women and children who go through abusive relationships and are often afraid to take a step to finally save their lives and put an end to their torture because they fear how they are going to feed themselves and their children. 

Domestic violence and abuse can happen to anybody; it does not differentiate. Abuse happens in all types of relationships. It occurs within all age ranges, ethnic backgrounds and any type of economic level. 

Abuse is not only physical. It can be verbal and emotional too. While women are more frequently victimized, men also experience abuse – especially verbal and emotional. The bottom line is that abusive behavior is never tolerable, whether coming from a man, woman, teenager or an older adult who is trying to be dominant over you. Everyone deserves to feel appreciated, respected, and safe. 

How Kingsman Helps

Kingsman Philanthropic Corp. comprising of volunteer security experts, mostly consisting of retired law enforcement officers carry out various other functions in which they help families across continents whenever and wherever possible which are listed below:

  • It combats Human Trafficking. They work day in and day out and report and ensure that those held accountable are prosecuted and grant humans their specific rights and stop them from forced slavery.
  • Provides Financial aid to victims of domestic violence such as women and children to help make their lives better and to start over and help women recover from such abusive relationships.
  • Kingsman, initially operating under USPA Nationwide Security perform anti-kidnapping details, abduction support and kidnap recoveries and help give humans a better life. 
  • Provides protective service details.

Presently, Kingsman Philanthropic Corp. is funded by kindhearted, generous humanitarians and volunteers who help them perform their duties and work across all seven continents and help battle against domestic violence. Your donation can help them work more vigilantly and vigorously and accomplish their goals and certainly impact the lives of several thousand women and children who are still going through such abusive relationships. 

Kingsman strives for a better world and hopes to make an even bigger and possible impact all over the globe and help people change their lives. 

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