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James Harden got saved from being suspended because it’s Christmas Time

A piece of good news for the fans of James Harden. James Harden got his very special gift from Santa on this year’s Christmas. It is decided that he will not be suspended for violating the NBA’s Covid-19 protocols and also for contributing to the postponement of his team’s first game of the season.

Harden broke the NBAs rule and was not suspended for “attending a private indoor party” with more than 15 people by the NBA, which violates the NBA’s health and security protocols but was just fined $50,000. After that, some of the photos and videos were circulated that showed Harden was not wearing a mask at the party, which supposedly took place at a strip club, but Harden has denied that. A crime like that seems pretty grave as it appears that Harden intentionally broke the NBA’s rules. So the question here arises that why wasn’t he suspended? For the answer, NBA commissioner Adam Silver got appeared on ESPN’s “The Jump” on Thursday to explain the matter. Silver’s heart got softened by the Christmas holiday. Besides this, it was Harden’s “first offense” of the season, which is hardly two days old.

NBA commissioner, Adam Silver, while appearing on ESPN, stated that Harden was not suspended for his latest crime just because the precedent is that discipline got ratcheted up. Now it’s the time of Christmas and although it was James’ first crime. In addition to this, Silver also said that James is got Lucky in his first incident.

The Houston Rockets star was not suspended and remained lucky because it is Christmas now, and a less cheerful time of year might have caused Silver to remember that Harden was late to Rockets training camp because he was purportedly partying in Atlanta and Las Vegas without wearing a mask, as depicted by the video and some other pictures on his Instagram account. If Silver had taken this case into account and decided to suspend Harden, that would have charged him his salary for only one game, which is approximately $500,000.

Now, it is thought that Harden better is leaving Santa a remarkable spread of cookies and milk on Christmas Eve as he owes him a big time. Harden has also made it obvious that he wants out of Houston this season, even if he first gave a very limited list of teams he had to find satisfactory.

On Thursday, Adam Silver stated that the upcoming Christmas holiday has played a vital role in his decision that he is not going to suspend James Harden for being maskless at the party.

Harden, according to the Athletics Sam Amick, is now, here to deal that sends him to the Boston Celtics or the Portland Trail Blazers. He already said that he was only concerned about the Philadelphia 76ers or the Brooklyn Nets, even later extended his list to put in the Miami Heat and Milwaukee Bucks. The Heat have allegedly moved on. Either the Celtics or the Trail Blazers are engrossed in a possible contract for Harden, particularly after his most recent incident, which is undecided and unclear.

So James Harden got saved from being suspended this year. And we can say that Christmas saved him.


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