How to Give Space To Your Partner

“giving space and time to each other is the best recipe for the long-lasting relationships”

It’s normal to panic when we hear the words “I need space” from our partner. It generally scares us to think if we will be distanced from our partners or what thing we have done wrong which has put them to take this type of decision. We often feel that they don’t care about us and we feel like if we’re losing them and our relationship.

There are several phases in our life like good ones, the bad ones, the scary ones, etc. To evaluate more about yourself or to overcome some of your personal problems, you need space. Space should not be taken in the wrong way.

Sometimes, we know the reason behind these words. The matter can be outside of a relationship. It can be like sadness, depression, anxiety, anger, etc. that might be emotionally paralyzing them. So, in these cases, the other partner should respect their feelings and should help by what they are asking for. Give space to them not by arguing or fighting but totally in a healthy way which can make them feel good about your relationship.

So, here are some ways to give your partner space in a healthy way which can help them as well as your relationship separately.

Never Take It Personally

When your partner is insisting on you to give them space, then don’t take it personally. Instead, listen to them carefully and understand them. They are not trying to hurt you as they only want to heal themselves. They ask for space because sometimes because they genuinely need some time alone to overcome problems that are grown under them. So, instead of taking it personally, help them by giving them space.

Accept It As A Positive Sign

One should always spend time alone to know themselves. It’s an easy way to know your worth, overcome your inner problems which are irritating for a long time, etc. It’s actually a healthy sign to have some individual interests and activities. In fact, it can refresh you and can be a good sign for growth in yourself and in your relationship.

Limit Texting And Calling

When your partner needs space, then give them actual space. Don’t text or call over again. They’ll approach you as soon as they think that they are being healed or they are okay now. No matter what time they take for space, just follow rules and respect them by not disturbing them again and again. Give them what they need at that time.

Encourage Your Partner

Even if you’re broken inside of hearing the words from your partner about space, then too do motivate them. Encourage them by showing them a brave face that they’ll be definitely good after some time. Encourage them in every possible way that makes them happy and make them realize their worth during space.

Be Clear About Time-gap

A couple who is taking space from one another should be clear about the time-gap that they are willing to take. They should be in front of each other to discuss how much time they are going to remain separated from one another so that both of them can have a clear vision of their own time before coming back together.

Do Your Own Thing

According to psychology, a happy couple should have their own life other than their relationship for growth. So, one should involve themselves in their hobby, to go out, try something new and to explore about one’s own talents.

Tell Them What You Feel

During this time, the partner who had urge earlier to have space should equally respect other partner’s feelings if they end up hating it. The partner who shares his/her feelings should elaborate on the direct feelings.

Distract Yourself If Feeling Low

It can be possible that the distance in a couple can result in stress which one is unable to handle. It is completely normal, but it’s important to not make it heavy on you. So, you should distract yourself if you are feeling more stressed and low due to it.

Figure Out What It Genuinely Means To You

Healthy couples give their partners space for hobbies, friendships with others; try out new activities, etc. An unhealthy couple on the other side often feels opposite to healthy ones. They start overthinking and create doubt on their partners. If you are feeling this, then instead of getting judgemental, just have a chat with your partner. Having a clear conversation about this with your partner can make you trust more on your partner and your relationship.

Thank Them For Being Honest With You

Without reacting much on this matter, another partner should reframe the whole thing in his/her mind and be thankful to their partners for being honest with you about what they actually need. This indicates a healthy connection between couples and also symbolizes transparency between them.

Hang Out With Family And Friends

It is probably said that spending time with family and friends can make you feel good. So, spend more time with your family and friends to nurture those relationships. Being with your partner can make you spend less time with your other relatives like family, friends, etc. So, take advantage of this time and make yourself available to your family and friends for more time. This provides space and time for both the partners to connect with their friends and family individually.

Discover And Set New Goals For Yourself

During this me-time, one should discover new things and should set a new goal for their own growth and happiness. It can make you find your own hidden talent which was under yourself since a long time. Take benefit of this time and let yourself introduce to a newer version of yourself from which you were being unknown since long.

Let Go of Every Fear You Have

Being in a relationship can help you become a stable person but sometimes time alone is the best way to overcome some of your fears. So, when you are alone, just have a reverse click in your mind of what fears you have when you are alone and try to work out on that issue.

These are some of the ways that can help you to provide space to your partner without creating any issues between you and your partner.


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