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How to Draw the Line between Classy and Dressy Formal Attire

How to Draw the Line between Classy and Dressy Formal Attire

This can be very confusing to many. We may end up overdoing with our formal attire while trying to be classy. There is a thin line between being classy and dressy.

A perfectly fitted formal attire can make heads turn, it can be a personal style statement. With the intention to look out best during an interview or a high profile business meetings, we often cross the thin line between classy and dressy.

Let us find out where to draw the line to keep things grounded.

Choose the right attire

Every occasion has its own importance and attires should be matched accordingly. A business meeting can be as important as an interview, a right selection of attire can all add an extra mileage. There is a different type of suit available to complement every occasion. A semi-formal suit can be a good option for a formal dinner, whereas, formal bespoke suits can be the best match for a high profile business meeting.

Mind the weather

Climate plays an important role while choosing an outfit for a day. Wise choices should be made by depending on the weather. During the winter season, woolen suits should be chosen over cotton or blended fabric. Whereas, if the climate is humid then a cotton blend fabric is all that is needed. So, while choosing fabric for attires, the weather or climatic conditions should be taken under consideration.

Color and texture makes a difference

A white bespoke shirt is a must for every wardrobe. While choosing the color of attire, things should be considered are occasion, timing, mood, weather, ambiance, and comfort. A black shirt can be a bit heavy on eyes when it comes to formal meetings or business meets. As said earlier, Whites are a must have. Light blue is considered as one of the main formal colors. Avoid bright colors during formal meetings or business meetings as that may be too flashy to the eyes.

Timing plays a key role in the selection of color or texture of an outfit. Such as, in a casual business meeting, is organized in daylight or open air, then a pastel cotton shirt is enough to keep you going.

Color can roughly depict a mood, therefore, keep it minimal by choosing not so flashy colors like red, orange, green for formal meetings, whereas, bright sunny colors are accepted for formal lunch parties. Choose fabric according to weather and try to match with the overall ambiance.

Minimal accessories to complement the outfit

A formal basic watch, a matching belt and polished shoes (the color of shoes and belt should always be the same), a pair of sleek sunglasses, a carefully chosen tie and a pair of formal cufflinks are all you need to match up with your outfit.


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