How To Be More Productive During Pandemic And After It

How to be More Productive During  Pandemic and After It?

During the recent pandemic, a lot of people lost their jobs or faced serious business crises. Everyone is now looking for opportunities or ideas to overcome their financial loss.

The inflation rate has increased in many countries of the world so earning extra bucks is now becoming a need of many people.

By reading the title you might be wondering how we can make money in this pandemic. Well, I have some answers for you.

New Ways to Make Money During the Pandemic?

On one hand, coronavirus created serious issues but on the other hand, it gave people a chance to think out of the box. Well now, you see many people are now working as a writer or poet some are using their hobbies to make money. Kitchen experts are using baking, cooking, and decoration skills and showing them online to make money. New poets, actors, and writers also emerged on social media.

Some people simply shifted their existing business to online platforms. Even barbers shifted their cars or minivans into saloons.

Some people on the internet tried DIY techniques to create new products. Some people took the responsibility of making and delivering special food for corona patients in self-isolation, while others started a business of delivering groceries and necessary products to old homes, people living alone. Musicians, painters, sculptors started online courses. Etiquettes, social mingling, and therapeutic sessions for kids were a good way of earning money and helping society.

How to Stay Fit and Healthy During Pandemic?

Well I know staying home all day is not fun and when you are bored you start eating a lot and many of us don’t like to exercise. More indulging ways to stay fit are required, like dancing. But the twist is arranging an online disco party and dancing with friends. Yoga or the use of a treadmill with online friends is another entertaining way to keep yourself fit.

You can also try unique and healthy recipes with a bunch of friends on conference video calls.

How to Overcome Depression?

Depression is the most concerning problem of pandemic. Disturbance in social patterns, lack of human interaction, and staying at home for a long time affected the mental health of many people. The simplest way to deal with depression is to stay connected with your loved ones on the internet. Another way is to try meditation, start from deep breaths in the morning, do 20-minute exercise, eat healthily. Also include spiritual activities in your life, like reading a holy book, or praying. Spiritual activities give you hope and reduce negative energies around you.

How to Overcome Boredom During Pandemic?

Boredom and preoccupation arise from a feeling of lack of quality in the activities around you. Boredom feels like there are very few high-quality ways to keep you involved or which deserve your attention.

Boredom will force many people to do anything good or bad to pass the time.

Give your life some diversity by setting goals, researching hobbies, or trying anything new, and it will give life a greater purpose and prevent you from boredom. There are also benefits to boredom as it will lead the mind to more questions and force you to notice things around you. Boredom can teach person self-discipline and patience. Being bored for a long time can test people’s patience and it can take some self-discipline to see how long one can meet the challenge at hand.

Boredom also gives a person time for personal thoughts; when you are bored, think about their right to do, what issues have not been resolved or the state of the current lifestyle, or just comment on a specific current event. Boredom has its benefits because it can provide a “dream time” where you can forget about the world and enjoy your thoughts.

Redecoration of your home, good music, video streaming can reduce your boredom. Another way is to try learning new software through Youtube tutorials. Start writing a personal diary or try new interactive applications to keep yourself busy.


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