How I Adjusted In The Whole New World

I am Maryam Wajeeh, connecting with you through a series of ten blogs about uncommon but relishing places in Saudia Arabia and how I adjusted in this whole new world.

A Little About Me

I got married when I was 22 years old, completed my computer engineering degree with hundreds of dreams to win the world, I left my country and shifted to Jeddah, Saudi Arabia with my husband.

Just like my relationship, the environment, and cultural difference in Jeddah was surprising for me but I considered it as an opportunity. So let’s begin with my life story and time in Jeddah:

A General Perception of Jeddah by Foreigners

When I arrived at Jeddah 11 years back, I used to hear from my surrounding people who are mostly foreigners that now you are going live a dual life in a very lazy aimless environment around you.

Maybe, true till the late 90s in Saudiathis statement could be counted as true but I found the city juxtapose, Jeddah was very engaging and busy for me. When I arrived, starting few days went into setting and decorating my home. As I was a newly married, romance was on top too and so our outings.

I quickly figured that my husband has curies and hippie nature just like me. So we decided to start wandering the city to discovered hidden and surprising places. I don’t know when but I soon became an explorer and restaurant critic in Jeddah.

On discussion with locals and people living here for many years, I found out that some of the places in Jeddah are not known by masses.  Here is the first such place

King Abdullah Economic City

Many of those living in Jeddah town have not visited the King Abdullah Economic City (KAEC). I am sharing for those who are still finding fun activities nearby J-town and also for the people planning to visit Jeddah for any reason.

King Abdullah Economic City is an excellent option for hours of fun with the family. You would surprisingly find it like a small state within a state, with very vast coastal areas including a neat, clean, and exotic beach.  Scenic green belts exquisitely maintained parks which include water-sprinklers, unique kinds of miniatures monuments,  manual and electronic rides, and extraordinary creative physical excursing park equipment make it a perfect place for couples to hang out.

Sitting and prayer areas near parks and beaches are very well organized and decorated uniquely. Local street food is affordable and delicious here.

KAEC also offers appealing and fascinating natural sightseeing and some water sports like boating or water biking. The ticket for water sports is a bit overpriced for locals.

One more captivating spot at KAEC is ‘ rent a cycling station,’ Cycling is not very common in Jeddah because of social taboos and extremely hot weather. But at KAEC you can rent a cycle at very affordable cost for an hour and roam around the area. Last but not least, there is a really big mosque. Its architecture is a blend of Turkish and Iranian style.

The interior of the mosque is lucrative. Islamic art is a highlighting factor, carvings on roof and walls, mirror work and explicit chandeliers will surely blow your mind away.

Now, coming to the most favorite and demanding affair that people from Saudi Arabia love to avail, it is the chance of having good food. Saudis are  foodies and very particular about taste. At KAEC you can eat at popular food franchises like Albaik, Fire Grill, Express Piato, Starbucks so and so forth…

It’s a full day fun for people of all ages. Cherry over the top most facilities are totally free. You need online registration for your vehicle and identity card to visit the KAEC. All you have to do is go to register your vehicle and enjoy the unlimited fun.


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