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Florida Gators share positive update on Keyontae Johnson’s condition

Florida’s Keyontae Johnson’s position is now stable after the star basketball player collapsed during Saturday’s game against Florida State. Johnson was put in a coma with a medical mind Monday, his grandfather told the USA TODAY, but he was still able to follow simple instructions.

Johnson’s parents went on to say that they would provide “accurate” updates through the Florida athletic department on their son’s health and said that information coming from the family may not be accurate. Florida fell to its in-state rival, 83-71, but no one was worried about that. Johnson’s well-being has all been focused on, and prayers throughout the college basketball world have poured in over the last day.

“I did not see what happened, but it had a dramatic effect on my team… several of my players were crying,” Florida State head coach Leonard Hamilton told reporters, via Edgar Thompson of the Orlando Sentinel.

At one point, Hamilton said he asked Florida officials if they wanted to stop the game. He said it was his own understanding that the Gators wanted the game to continue like this.

On Monday, USA Today shared an interview with Johnson’s grandfather, who said Johnson was placed in an exercise-induced coma while being treated at Tallahassee (Fla.) Memorial Hospital. It is not clear whether Johnson’s statement was relevant to that interview or something else, however, the UF posted a recent report following a report that said Johnson had followed some simple instructions.

Breathing and speaking on his own, Johnson has taken emergency steps when he recovered compared to the original UF publications when he was described as in a critical but stable condition. He was transferred to UF Health in Gainesville by ShandsCair on Monday.

On Tuesday, Johnson’s parents Nika and Marrecus Johnson released a public update on how they were doing, again, and things seem to be getting better with him. He was awake and in a stable condition, according to what they said. He was also able to breathe on his own and even talk to his players via a FaceTime call.

Keyontae is in a stable condition today, breathing independently and talking to us and his doctors here at UF Health. Even Face-Timed is with the team! We feel so much love and support from everyone and we are immensely grateful for the care and attention that Keyontae has received over the past few days.”

It’s great to see Johnson’s condition improve. It is still not clear what happened to Johnson, although some suspect that his condition may be related to his diagnosis of COVID-19, USA TODAY reports. I hope that, in any case, he will soon be able to recover from this.

We will continue to share updates on Keyontae Johnson health and wellbeing. We’ve seen what people love and care about. We hope that people recognize that information from us or the athletics department may not be accurate. We work closely with Keyontae doctors and the UAA to inform everyone who cares so much about Keyontae and has prayed for it.


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