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EFF calls on Facebook criticism of Apple’s Pro-Privacy Tracking Change, ‘laughs’

Absolutely Funny! Facebook has never tried to protect anyone or anything other than itself. The fact that Facebook is tracking everything around and using it against you and then screaming like a wolf when Apple sheds light on it and equips us with the tools to stop malicious behavior is just – ridiculous!

Facebook has been extensively criticized by Apple for inquiring iOS 14 to ask users to submit their ads for their actions.

For the second day in a row, Facebook enclosed the whole page in The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, and the Washington Post saying that Apple’s change could distress not only a small business, but it’s all nets. Facebook says that because of Apple’s new rules, most apps and websites will start compensating membership fees or subscribing – app purchase options to make the meeting more enjoyable, making it “bigger” The internet is more expensive. ”

Facebook’s recent criticism of Apple in connection with a future privacy measure is “ridiculous,” according to the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF), a nonprofit that defends civil liberties in the digital world.

Facebook has argued that Apple’s new opt-in tracking policy will affect small businesses that receive personalized advertising, but EFF believes Facebook’s campaign against Apple is really “what Facebook will lose if its users learn more about exactly what they and other data brokers are behind the scenes, noting that Facebook has “built a massive empire around the concept of tracking everything you do.”

Starting next year, iPhone and iPad app developers will need to request permission from users to track their activity on third-party apps and websites for personalized advertising. Specifically, when opening apps on iOS 14 and iPadOS 14, users will be prompted to enable or disable tracking as needed.

According to the EFF, several studies have shown that most of the money generated from targeted advertising does not go to application developers but instead goes to third-party data brokers such as Facebook, Google, and lesser-known firms.

Facebook argues that Apple’s move “is not about privacy, but about profitability,” said Apple’s new system will leave many apps and websites without a choice. but start paying subscription fees or add some in-app purchase options to alleviate the problem, increasing App Store revenue. Facebook says this image will make the internet “more expensive” and reduce “high-quality free content.”

“We support Apple’s style and response, but we still have no choice but to show Apple’s potential,” Facebook said, which would simply do more harm to the people and businesses that depend on our services. We cannot take this jeopardy on behalf of the millions of businesses that tends to use our platform to grow. ”

The EFF praised Apple for its pro-privacy change, saying it was a big step forward.

“If the company does the right thing for its users, the EFF will upkeep it, just as we illegally attack companies that do erroneous,” the organization clinched

In a statement in response to Facebook, Apple said “we believe this is a simple matter of protecting our users,” saying that “users should know when to collect and share their information on other programs and websites – and they should have the choice of whether you allow it or not.


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