Coronavirus – What Not To Ask From Patients

Coronavirus is a disease that affects your respiratory system. The virus enters your body through nose or mouth, stays in your body for some days before showing symptoms.

From where it exactly came from to how to save the world from it, researchers are still busy finding answers.

The disease is new, there is no exact medication, there is no vaccine. But there are some measures to prevent yourself from it and we all should follow those precautionary measures.

As the disease is new and we don’t know much about it, we are also unaware of the etiquette. What to do when you hear someone from your family or friend got infected? How to behave wisely and what we should avoid discussing with the patients? These basic etiquette’s are so important and we should consider these as mandatory.

A close friend shared her experience of useless and uncomfortable questions asked by people calling her when she got infected. Here is the list:

  1. How You Got Infected?

A virus cannot be seen without magnifying instruments. So the patient is always unaware of how he/she got that. Obviously, if the patients would had and idea that there is a virus, if they could see, feel, or sense it they wouldn’t have made a contact with the virus.

  1. Were You Not Wearing a Mask?

Corona virus spreads from person to person, the droplets from infected person`s mouth or nose carry the virus. When the tiny droplets reach any surface, the virus can survive for hours and days on the surface. Touching things around us can become a cause of virus spread.

Also, it’s good to wear a mask but you can get infected even then if you get exposed to viruses over surfaces. So there can be various reasons. Such questions make the patient feels that maybe it’s their negligence that’s why they got infected.

  1. What Did You Do Wrong?

Getting infected with any virus or catching up on a disease is not a patient`s fault. Firstly, the person is already suffering and such questions can make them uncomfortable. Secondly, you don’t have to do anything to get infected, you can get the virus from anywhere, unknowingly.

  1. Are You Enjoying Being Not Bothered By Anyone?

This is a very insensitive question. Living all alone for 14 to 17 days with some medical condition is not easy. There is nothing so-called enjoying in quarantine. There is no party, picnic, or fun activity going on alone. A patient is in isolation to save others from disease.

  1. Ask For Forgiveness From All The People

This statement gives the impression that you are telling the patient that ‘you might die soon’ in a sugar-coated way. Such statements can mentally and emotionally disturb the patient and trigger anxiety or depression.

  1. Did you Eat Something Like Bat Soup or Dog Steak?

Coronavirus came from a bat or dog is just a myth. There is no scientific proof that eating bat, dog, or any other meat can cause COVID. Also, such stupid questions can make patients afraid of eating meat or other food products.

  1. How Does It Feel to Have Coronavirus?

It’s disturbing and painful! What kind of question is that? You can ask for symptoms or how the patients are feeling right now, but you should not ask patients how does it feel to have coronavirus… It’s a disease, not Bitcoin or trophy

  1. Is It Very Painful to be on Ventilator or What will You Do When Dr. Will Put You On Ventilator?

Pray for the patient that may he/she recovers soon and hope for the best. Speak out good things or stay quite. Being on a ventilator is not like being on a water slide. It is very unpleasant and difficult not for the patients only but for their loved ones as well.

A patient is helpless when he/she is on a ventilator, there is nothing that they can do except fighting from the disease. Also, all patients don’t need a ventilator, most people recover without being on it.

It is a tough time for the patient and their family members so be nice and sensible when you ask questions. A patient may not say it but such questions hurt them.


Jennifer Nelson is a seasoned reporter and entrepreneurial writer. She covers breaking news and enjoys writing about current events.

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