Debunking Common Myths Related to Coronavirus

The novel coronavirus or SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19 started from Wuhan, China, and took many lives there. Within a few weeks, cases from all over the world were being reported. Only the continent of Antarctica is the place on Earth where no Corona case has been reported yet.

On March 11, 2020, the World Health Organization (WHO) officially classified COVID-19 as a “pandemic disease.” International flights were shut down, schools and offices were closed down and most countries called for a lockdown.

COVID has taken thousands of lives and affected more than 6 million peoples around the world. The economic condition across the globe is also very challenging. On one hand, the third world countries are on the radar of serious economic and health crisis because of the virus. On the other hand, first world countries are also unable to control the situation. Countries like Italy, France, and the even United States, besides having top-notch medical facilities and huge health budget, are still in uncertain conditions.


In such crises there is another serious issue for the public; it’s the Myths regarding Coronavirus. We all receive at least five coronavirus related Whatsapp messages or we view five related posts on social media. Some suggesting you herbs to keep the virus away, while other quoting exaggerated statistical data. All such stuff takes people into a state of fear or triggers depression.

Since Corona has entered the USA, we are constantly encountering such nonsense. Some people have even tried following the cure and medications stated by social media made doctors. The results turned worst. So it’s time we all educate ourselves and debunk the myths. Here is some common myths VS reality.

Coronavirus Only Affect Old or Kids

Consider the fact that viruses don’t ponder age groups. When they spread people from all age groups can get affected.

Usually, old people have preexisting medical conditions like diabetes, hypertension, heart problems, asthma, etc. All such health conditions affect your immune system and make your body more prone to any disease.

Kids from 0-10 years are at high risk because their bodies are in growing age so their bodies are weak as compared to people who have reached puberty. Also, kids don’t understand the seriousness of the pandemic situation and carelessly touch the things around them and later touch their face or nose without washing them.

When it comes to SARS-CoV-2, it has affected people of all ages irrespective of their medical history and any other thing. If you are an adult and assuming that I cannot get the virus, you are wrong.

However, the aged people, due to weak immunity and other medical condition are affected more. They reach sever conditions and for many, it becomes hard to survive.

Injecting, Bathing or Swallowing Bleach and Disinfectants can Save You from Coronavirus

It is not just a myth; it is highly injurious and can cause instant death. Disinfectants or bleach are just for the sanitization of surfaces. These chemicals are not made for the human body. Injecting and swallowing bleach and disinfectants can cause death. 15 such death cases were reported by hospitals. You can also trigger your allergies; get food poisoning, skin problems, and ulcer in various digestive organs.

Bathing with bleach or disinfectant can cause skin allergy, rashes, itching, dark patches, and severe dryness. You can also face skin burning, over exfoliation and marks if you use these chemicals regularly for bathing.

Coronavirus Will End Itself When Temperature Will Rise

In Middle Eastern countries like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain summer season starts from the end of March. During April and May, the temperature reaches 40-degree and more. This April, temperature reached up to 45-degrees, and still, these countries are constantly reporting Coronavirus cases.

Moreover, in Asian Countries like India, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Nepal summer season has started and the temperature has reached 35-degrees and there is no end of the virus yet. So wait for summer and spring season is not going to help you.

New Coronavirus was Intentionally Created and Released by China/America/Israel or Any other Country

Scientists, biologists, and researchers have tested the virus. It is not just one laboratory or two, all around the world experts are working on the questions like how it started, what is the cure, and whether it a natural or a manmade virus.

The research from several countries including the USA has declared coronavirus as natural and not a laboratory-made virus. If you will study other viruses, you will come to know that they have a tendency to change over time. Due to human contact with infected animals, environmental changes, use of nuclear content on any area, etc. the viruses can change and become more fatal.

For coronavirus, research is in initial stages and experts are not sure about the exact cause of the virus, but they are sure that it’s not a manmade virus.

Because Chinese People Eat Bats and Dogs

Initially, there were many rumors when COVID-19 broke out in China. Some people said it’s because of bats and dogs whereas some people were putting blame on Chinese salt. Initial research has discouraged all such rumors. Still, biologists are unsure of where the virus came from but there are no traces that it was initiated by bats or dogs.

Also, all Chinese don’t eat bats and dogs all the time. There are a few dishes made from bats or dogs which are not consumed very often. Just like America, chicken, fish, and beef are commonly consumed in China as well.

COVID-19 Is Not That Serious; It Is Just Like the Seasonal Flu

The initial symptoms may resemble flu but it is not like flu at all. Some people just feel a sore throat, fever, cough, or mild body pain. But some people may feel a total loss of taste and smell sense, congestion in the chest, pain in the chest, and difficulty in breathing.

It depends on your immunity system and the degree of attack by the virus. No matter how severe or mild your initial symptoms are, both situations can also lead to pneumonia. When a patient gets pneumonia it becomes painful and you need nebulizer for mild attack and ventilator for severe attack.

Consider a fact that different countries have reported a different mortality rate but it is taking lives. So we all need to take it seriously, a slight negligence can make you pay a huge price.

All Affected People Die Eventually

No, No and a big NOOO, the recovery rate is higher than the mortality rate. Though the exact mortality rate is not known yet as different countries are reporting different rates. In U.S. fatality rate of coronavirus appears to be around 6%.

Most of the infected people have recovered or are out of danger of death. Sometimes the attack is not much severe and doctors recommend patients to self-isolate in their homes. So all people are not dying with it so in case you or anyone in your social circle gets infected, don’t panic or get depressed assuming that they are going to die soon. There are high chances that people will recover and will be back to normal life soon.

Warm Liquids Can Protect You from Coronavirus

Soups, tea, green tea, Qahwa of different herbs, warm milk with honey, and other remedies cannot protect you from COVID. All these products may soothe your throat or boost your immunity but they cannot save you from getting affected.

Once you get affected, all these remedies are also not going to cure. You need a doctor`s advice and a certain combination of medicines to control your symptoms.

Use XYZ Medicine or Flu Vaccines for Corona

There is no vaccine or medicine for the prevention or cure of coronavirus. Some social media made doctors are prescribing different medicines or flu vaccines for coronavirus.

Self-medication can only lead to even worst conditions. The medicines given by doctors to coronavirus affected patients are just to control the symptoms and to ease their pain. That’s why every patient is being prescribed by a different combination of medicines as per the symptoms, age, medical history, and other necessary factors. So the use of medicine or vaccine on your own can be dangerous, take medical help and trust real doctors only.

It is recommended to maintain social distance, wash your hands often and avoid going out of your home unnecessarily. These are the only ways we can protect ourselves and our loved ones. In case of any symptoms call your doctor or COVID helpline services. Get tested and follow what your doctors say. Social media and other non-medical professional are not a right choice to believe in.


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