Cleveland Indians

Cleveland’s MLB baseball team will change ‘Indians’ name

“Plans to drop the name will be announced this week” said an anonymous insider of the decision to eliminate the team name, ‘Indians.’ The announcement will come early this week. The new team name will not be readily available as some insiders have said that there are a few team names on the table.

According to our sources, the Indians team name could remain in place for the 2021 season. The decision to move away from the team’s current name is related to MLB’s adherence to a more inclusive, less offensive structure. Other leagues, such as the NFL have followed suit.

For some time now, Native American groups have detested Cleveland’s use of Indians as its name.

According to USA Today, “Cleveland assumed the ‘Indians’ nickname in 1915. Prior names of the American League franchise include the Naps, Broncos and Blues.”

Here are some team names that are possible for the current Cleveland Indians:

Cleveland Spiders

Cleveland Naps

Cleveland Rocks

Cleveland Guardians

Cleveland Buckeyes

Cleveland Great Lakes

Cleveland Municipals

Cleveland Wild Things

Cleveland Blues

Cleveland Baseball Club

No matter what the name changes to, the Major League Baseball team that, for a century, called Cleveland home won’t be the ‘Indians’ after 2021.


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