Are There Any Chances That Pro Sports Could Make Its Comeback To Normal In 2021?

The key to live is to survive, right? Consider 2021 as the year of zip tie situation in pro sports, because no doubt 2020 were all about cardboard cutouts. It’s hard to look back at the 2020 sports landscape and not see the hitch. Dreams were starved, denied or postponed, one of the world’s premier racetracks mostly sat still and steady constant uncertainty was about the only certain thing.

COVID-19 turned the sports world upside down

Despite the fact that unknowns related to COVID-19 still pervade the sports landscape, 2021 holds a great deal of promise for athletes, teams and venues in the Elmira-Corning region. Pandemic made us miss the pro games being played at the stadiums. They are nasty little things, hard and nylon and tough, and in a global pandemic they are rapidly yet increasingly impossible to miss in stadiums around the world. While Tickets are being sold and training sessions are taking place in earnest as people turn the page to a new year.

Starting off from college football hotbeds to cavernous NFL stadiums to Major League Baseball’s playoffs, they’ve rendered futile thousands of seats, all in the name of separating ticket-buyers by at least six feet and, theoretically, creating a cold visual reminder that sports fans are not to stray out of their chosen shell of close contacts.

Although 2020 was the year that started out so well for sports in the region’s largest city, with a successful hosting of National Hockey Day Minnesota and the announcement of the NHL’s Winter Classic coming to Target Field, ended with them losing 30 sports events, including the X Games. United States is still hoping to get the Winter Classic back when the NHL take up again some kind of traditional sports schedule, possibly and hopefully in the 2021-22 season.

Athletes are being tested on daily bases and getting COVID-19 vaccine for the safe return of pro sports

But as a vast production and distribution of a COVID-19 is happening right now and COVID-19 vaccine continues apace, the pro sports games will go on, much as we experienced them in 2020. Athletes are being tested daily, who ruthlessly reduced capacities for fans, if any are allowed at all, based on local health regulations and mandatory mask-wearing for those who do attend.

The world has already had COVID-19 run through their roster, and the hope is that with immunity and a vaccine in 2021, they can just play, and the sports world can finally make its comeback without any danger of life and return to some kind of normalcy. SPro sports making its comeback to the world would be a good thing for the players, the fans, the parents, the coaches and the businesses that depend on all of them. The head of the basketball at Minnesota State University Moorhead Chad Walthall, expressed his hope and joy in a conference that,

“I can’t wait until next year, because I think people are going to appreciate sports in general, it’s certainly a big part of the fabric of our country, and I think everybody is going to embrace and appreciate sports maybe more than they ever have.”


Jennifer Nelson is a seasoned reporter and entrepreneurial writer. She covers breaking news and enjoys writing about current events.