6 Apps For Students That Will Make School Easier

6 Apps for Students That Will Make School Easier

Whether school is simply not your cup of tea and is something you struggle with daily, or it’s all been smooth sailing, you’d be quite unwise, to say the least, to not take advantage of technology’s advancements. Since the dawn of the internet, various applications have surfaced, attempting to ease the lives of humans in every way possible.

Luckily for you, I’ve hand-picked the most useful apps for students. While the burden of studies will unfortunately always remain, these apps are guaranteed to noticeably reduce it by helping you organise and prepare yourself, shaping you into a better student – even if you’re not exactly academically gifted.

It is worth emphasizing, however, that these apps aren’t magically going to turn you into the teacher’s favourite student. Tasks may become easier in general but, without effort, you’ll remain where you are, which is contrary to what the goal should be; improving. Working smarter instead of harder can indeed have a positive outcome, as long as there’s actual work being put in.

MyHomework Student Planner

  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows
  • Price: Free

Have you ever failed an assignment simply because you forgot it even existed? If you have, I don’t blame you; multiple classes can be a little exhausting. This app precludes such a possibility. MyHomework is a student planner which is digitally accessible anytime, anywhere, with an interface that’s modern and easy to navigate. You’re able to track your classes and upcoming assignments or tests and even set reminders for them, allowing you to plan, prioritise your work, and stay organised. The app can also sync between platforms so you stay up to date on all your devices.


  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Windows
  • Price: Free

Evernote School App

Whatever year of school, or college, you’re in, note-taking is an essential part of studying, without which lectures can practically end up useless. A glance is enough to notice the sheer number of options available, in the app store, to store your notes, but Evernote does more than just that. It allows you to take notes in multiple formats including text, audio, photos and sketches, and arrange them however you want. A simple search can help you find them in the future, even if they’re handwritten (assuming they’re decipherable). To-do lists can be made which can be highly motivating as you work through them. Due to multi-device sync, you can write your notes on your phone and later revise them on your laptop, or vice-versa, and also share them with other users, making it an incredibly convenient app for students.


  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free

Using flashcards is one of the most effective methods to memorise content in a relatively short period, a perfect way to help you ace your exam. StudyBlue gives you access to millions of already available flashcards that may compliment your studies, while also allowing you to customize your own. You can quiz yourself when you’re ready, and later analyze your results to focus more on the areas required. Having organised study materials readily available on your device means you can revise wherever you are, even if it’s for a few minutes, which can ultimately be of great significance.


  • Platforms: iOS, Android, Web
  • Price: Free

A majority of the students tend to struggle with maths the most, which is a shame since no matter what field of education you choose, maths will somehow creep back into your life. Fortunately, the existence of Mathway can be of huge relief to such students. Covering all the stages of maths, the educational app provides you with the answers to your complex problems in a second. Just type the problem (or simply take a picture of it) and let the app do all the work. It can also display step-by-step instructions, so you can learn how to get the answer you need, though that will require an upgrade to the premium version; which could perhaps be a better alternative to paying for extra tutoring.

Sleep Cycle

  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Price: Free

Let’s be honest. Is it really the concept of schooling you’ve grown to dislike, or is it the fact your pleasant dreams are disrupted by an alarm every single day? The latter often tends to be more true than not. With Sleep Cycle, not only will you be in a better mood throughout the day, but your health will slowly improve as well. The app uses its tracker to wake you up when your sleep is in its lightest phase and to generate your sleep patterns so you can adopt a more appropriate sleep routine. Waking up rested will allow you to focus on your class, instead of trying not to doze off every other minute.


  • Platforms: iOS, Android
  • Price: US$1.99 on iOS, Free on Android

Every student is guilty of taking a ‘well-deserved break’ which ends up being longer than the time spent studying. Forest is a focus app that introduces a concept that’s both interesting and motivating. When you’re done procrastinating and finally decide to study, you can virtually plant a tree on the app. Choosing to leave the app mid-way will sadly result in its death. As you grow your forest, you’ll earn virtual coins that can be used to plant real trees; making the world a better place. To put it simply, the app guilt-trips you into getting work done, which proves to be an effective method for being more productive, hence achieving more.


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