The ABC Style of Management

Everywhere, the practices and philosophies of bureaucracy are much the same in that they more or less represent a universal phenomenon. This is perhaps one of the main reasons why bureaucrats all over the world get one of the fairly well even on issues or matters of the most delicate nature aggravated by a hostile environment. Where does the secret lie? They invariably follow the footprints left on the sands of time [behind by the bureaucrats of their like].

From time immemorial, bourgeois tendencies seem to have inadvertently crept into the style and functioning of bureaucrats. Delving deep into this, one comes across an astoundingly successful philosophy that has embraced mankind in practically every sphere of activity.

This, in brief, is the ABC style of Management, with which we are all only too familiar.

Avoid any problem or issue as far as possible

Your simple explanation is that you would not like to be dragged into controversies; to be misquoted,  false motives and imputations attributed to you.

Bypassing the issue to play safe

In fact, you would like to be neutral, not the type to do things in haste; let the matter lie for sometimes, and so on. This cannot, however, continue for long. You have to either make a decision or pass the buck on to some others so that your hands (table and cupboards in your office!) are clean before the game is up.

In other words, you will be confronted with a situation wherein you have to find a way out to bypass the issue. Here you have to display your intelligence. You conveniently pass it on to someone else. While others may call it a pretext, your viewpoint is that you are not concerned with it and you do not want to poke your nose into others’ affairs.

Deliberately Confuse the whole issue

Sooner or later, the people concerned will come to know of this ‘Operation Bypass’. The issue might bounce back once again. By that time, it might have gone into all sorts of unconcerned and unconnected hands and you have with you a messed up matter to resolve because one of the axioms of bureaucracy is that one has to meddle with each and every problem with a preamble and a conclusion that he or she is basically unconcerned with the matter. This is primarily to demonstrate the fact that they have also a role to play in the chain of events.

Now there is a final decision. Confuse the whole issue. Pen down anything and everything you can think of: “…….. I wish this could have been tackled at a lower level; it pains me to see things going this way; if only I knew this type of delays would occur, I would not have ……..” and so on.

It is you who Avoided the issue, Bypassed it to suit your convenience and Confused the whole matter. It gets a neat burial.


  • Matters resolve by themselves.
  • Time is a great healer  –   an age-old axiom.


If A, B, C don’t work, the ultimate weapon is ‘D’ style; Destroy the very document! A neat and decent burial with no traces left.


Jennifer Nelson is a seasoned reporter and entrepreneurial writer. She covers breaking news and enjoys writing about current events.

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