Things Women Want in Men

5 Things Women Want in Men

When women decide to start a relationship or want to get married, they usually know the basics of what they want in a man. The qualities that women look for in a man are very different from what men want in women. Women, after becoming mature and seeing the world as adults, know what they want in a man. Nowadays, it is a good idea for women to know what they prefer in men before they start looking for romantic relationships with men. The following are some of the things women want in men:

Loyalty & Protectiveness

To become a part of a couple, it is important to become very loyal to one another. Loyalty does not mean blindly taking each other’s side but loyalty means being devoted to each other’s happiness and making each other a priority in life. A man needs to be protective of his spouse and his family and women tend to want safety and security from their man. Women want to feel like they can depend on a man to take care of them in life.

Romance & Communication

Many men are very dry when it comes to romance and also not that good at communicating their feelings towards their women. It is important in the 21st century for women to feel loved and adding a little bit of romance is a good thing in relationships. Men have to not just be the romantic partners to women but also should be good friends with their women. Communication is very important to today’s women.


For women, starting a relationship means placing trust in their men. For this purpose, a man needs to be honest as women find lying and dishonesty a major put-off in relationships. Honesty also means fidelity which is one of the pillars of most romantic relationships as cheating is unacceptable to most women in their relationships. Without trust and honesty, it is not possible to have a good relationship especially if it is a romantic relationship.

Stability & Security

We live in a very uncertain and difficult world, and women want a man that provides them with stability and security. This means they want the guarantee of the men being committed to them and not leaving them in life. They also want financial security in life which means they want a man to be able to provide for them and their children financially. Women like men who can handle situations and crises in life efficiently.

Good Character

Women want a good man at the end of the day that lives by strong ethics and morals in life. A good character is very important for women as they want a man of good character and not a man of weak standing in society. Good character is a virtue that women, once they are mature enough and have seen a little bit of the world, tend to want as they know the importance of this virtue in life.

Women are becoming more and more independent in the 21st century and what women want in their man is also changing with time. Today women are more educated and know what is important in life and are not easily wavered by things that are not so important. The above-mentioned things are what women value these days in their men when they decide to start relationships or look to get married.


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