10 Interesting Facts From Around the World to Get Wind Of

10 Interesting Facts From Around the World to Get Wind Of

Do you know that a sharp knife is more secure than a dull knife? Or that more life forms are existing in a human body than people on the earth.

Packed with such interesting and weird facts, Earth is a pretty strange place to live. It is a place where things often don’t occur according to plan, and weird eventualities are generally the norm. Knowing about such mind-boggling facts will not hurt you, but you feel your brain up in the air, or maybe even slightly bouncing around your skull, resulting in a brain tickle. So, if you love learning about these out of the ordinary facts, read the list:

  • Leaving Caffeine Is Stupidity

The withdrawal of caffeine is classified as a mental disorder by the American psychiatric association’s DSM-v handbook. Experts have advised not to leave caffeine immediately especially when you are sensitive to it. The drawbacks of leaving caffeine include but not limited to: sleep problems, anxiety or stress, nausea, eating issues and more. On the other hand, taking caffeine in higher amount is also associated with insomnia, irritability, and a fast heart rate.

  • 35% Of the World’s Population Is without Wisdom Teeth

No wisdom teeth? Don’t worry! More than one-third of people in the world are born without wisdom teeth just like your new-born baby.

  • Russia Is Bigger Than Pluto

If you have listened that Pluto is smaller than Russia, don’t make fun. Yes! This may sound a little weird, but it is more than true. Russia has a larger surface area than Pluto with an area of 6,600,000 sq. mi. On the other hand, Pluto existing in the solar plant as one of the tenth-most massive planets is orbiting around the sun with an estimated area of 6,401,000 sq. mi.

  • Naming Your Newborn Is a Big Deal in Iceland

Parents-to-be often finds it challenging to find a name they both like in Iceland. As Iceland is one of the many countries where it is impossible to come up with a creative name for your new-born baby.

  • Mining all of the Planet’s Gold Is Enough to Get the Whole Lot

If you one way or another get an opportunity to mine all of the gold from the sparkling core of our very own green earth, you would be able to cover all of the lands in a layer of gold up to your knees. Amazing? It is!

  • The Boomslang Is One of the Weirdest Creatures in the World

Never trust a sparkling beauty, it can deadly. The Boomslang, a weird snake, reinforces this fact. Belongs to Colubridae family, it is the most deadly snake whose poison can cause you to bleed out from every slit on your body. The victim even turns blue from internal bleeding, and it can take more than five days to breathe your last breath from the blood loss.

  • Cockroaches Are Older Than Dinosaurs

Cockroaches are real survivors and have been existing for many centuries. The evolution of cockroaches dating back roughly 120 million years. They are older than dinosaurs. This more than interesting creature can even hold his breath for more than 40 minutes and can survive up to 30 minutes when submerged in the soil.

  • There Are 1.5 Million Ants for Every Man in the World

This has been estimated that there are nearly 10,000 trillion ants in the world. Interestingly the combined weight of these trillions of ants is equal to the combined weight of 7.2 billion humans.

  • The Lack of Water Can Take Your Life

You can survive without food for about a month, but only survive a series of 7-day without water. If the amount of water in the human body is decreased by 1%, you’ll feel thirsty. And it will take only a few days for an average human body to bite the dust if it is reduced by 10%.

  • The Overindulgence of Snow Can Also Kill You

Water is a source of life, and when it comes to snow, it is water. However, snow is not a drop to drink but can be one good cause of hydration. However, the overindulgence will also lower your body temperature, making you more predisposed to hypothermia. The reason is simple: it requires a considerable amount of energy for your body to change from one state to another, and while snow will provide a tiny amount of hydration, it will also make you more predisposed to the disease.

These mentioned fascinating, hilarious and downright interesting facts have surely satiated your curiosity for the world around you. And if you had a good time reading these interesting and mysterious facts, be sure to check out other posts on amazing topics!


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